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Tim Sanders has been a really successful seller on Amazon for over three years. He claims that he has already made a total of 12 million dollars in sales almost every year. He suggests that if you want to really learn how to sell on Amazon, then you have to listen to someone who has actually experienced selling there (of course, that’s him.) And for you to avoid committing some errors on Amazon selling caused by selling bad products that can result in thousands of dollars of losses, he says that you should join his Private Label Masters program. But how legitimate is this guy as an Amazon seller and guru? And is selling on Amazon a recommended method to earn money online? Do read this Private Label Masters review to find out for yourself.

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Tim brings up his own backstory when you sign up for his “free” training. Basically, he grew up poor, and he wasn’t even able to finish high school because of it. Due to this, the only job back then that he was able to apply for was a job at Costco. And naturally, even if you worked hard enough there, you’re going to be able to get promoted easily. Which is basically what happened to him. So he said to himself that enough is enough, and then he quit. It was then that he started selling on Amazon in 2016, and has developed his business there to the point that he’s now earning a gross income of six figures per year. To help others duplicate his success, he then formed an online course to accomplish this. This was the start of Private Label Masters.

Private Label Masters (“PLM” for short) is an online course that teaches you how to build an online business through Amazon. Specifically, it teaches you how to make full use of Amazon FBA for your business. The “Private Label” in the name comes from the fact that you will be branding the products that you’re going to sell as your products. If you’re not familiar with Amazon FBA at this point, it is a service wherein you just find suppliers for the products you want to sell, and Amazon will handle storage, packing, and shipping of your items for sale. That’s it. You don’t need to keep into inventory any of the items you’re selling. They would also provide any customer concerns for you, such as returns or exchanges (if any). It’s basically similar to dropshipping, but Amazon claims that there are differences.

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The online course consists of a total of 8 modules, and it’s basically a step-by-step procedure that will teach you everything from setting up your Amazon account to scaling your business. You’ll also learn how to do proper product research and the best places where you can source the products you want to sell at the cheapest prices (again, it’s usually Alibaba). You’ll also learn here how to create the perfect brand name for you and how to optimize your product listing. Finally, you’ll be taught here various marketing strategies to promote your online store and its products, such as using paid ads and social media marketing. It also has a module that focuses on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

Private Label Masters costs a one-time payment of $5,000. But you can get a discount of $1,500 if you purchased via a telephone call (instead of through the web). Note that the mentioned price is just for the course itself. It still doesn’t take into account the other miscellaneous costs that you’ll incur if you’re going to start an Amazon business. These costs include, obviously, the price of the products you’re going to sell, but you also have to deal with the costs of paid ads. Now you may be thinking, that you can recover those costs once you start earning some profits here, which could potentially be a lot. But sorry to disappoint, it’s not going to be as easy as Tim Sanders claims it to be.

Amazon FBA is a highly-saturated selling platform right now, with over a million sellers. And it’s most likely that a lot of them will have the same products that you’re selling as well. Furthermore, they’ll also be using the same ideas in Amazon selling as you are, which only makes the competition even more intense. Especially for a newcomer, you may have a rather tough time positioning your business in Amazon so you can sell your products there. Thus, it may even take some time before you can break even, and eventually, profit.

But in the end, it’s still up to you. If you want to learn about Amazon FBA, Private Label Masters is a solid online course, and Tim Sanders himself is a legitimate guy. But before you consider Amazon FBA, maybe you’ll be interested in another method that still makes a good amount of money online, without you having to deal with selling low-quality products with your name on it. If you’re interested, click on the link below.

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