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Sara Finance

Sara Finance claims to be making at least $50k a month at a very young age of 19. Around $30k of that is from her dropshipping store and something she calls as her main passive income. The rest is from her doing influencer things— adsense money, brand sponsorships, and affiliate links on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram. And oh, as usual, this “work smarter, not harder” babe is also selling courses. C’est la vie.

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I’m not saying that influencers always got some courses of their own to sell. Not really the case unless we’re talking about the money-making ones, the likes of Sara Finance, that regularly flex the numbers on their bank accounts. Unlike her counterparts that show their riches via riding Lambos, sleeping pretty in their fancy cribs, and filming themselves enjoying their expensive vacay, Sara sticks to just saying the figure, then enumerating the businesses that made it possible.

If you think that she’s better just because she doesn’t blind you with the shiny shimmering stuff, then think again. Can’t say she’s just humble, her dropping her income figure every single time takes that out of the equation. Her apparently living a simple life as mentioned by some of her loyal simps is not a really good excuse either. Girl, having that lifestyle doesn’t limit you on purchasing better lighting and recording studio, so why settle with your subpar setup instead?

I just don’t think she’s THAT rich. Like, she’s just faking it ‘til she makes it. Can’t even do the “faking” part right. It could be the lack of funds following my line of thought, but I don’t think she’s THAT broke either. She got game with influencer marketing and I won’t take that away from her. The engagement she’s getting on YouTube and Tiktok is quite impressive, so the money from there is probably enough to let her pretend convincingly.

But nope, she ain’t using that money to pretend better. Could be lack of effort or worse, lack of attention to improving her “craft” just because what she’s doing right now, albeit subpar, is already able to get some suckers buy her course. Kinda insulting, right? Not that I’m automatically tagging her courses as sh*tty just because she’s capping with her income, it’s just there’s no need to settle for mentors that lie like that, just like how her dropshipping being a passive income generator BS, in the first place. C’mon now.

But wait, I’m not done with questioning her income claim. Not yet. Besides the quality of her video production that doesn’t give off the “expensive” and professional vibes of someone earning a clean $50k monthly, I also found it weird that she still has mortgages to pay.

I do know that the housing market is pretty f*cked up right now with all the price gouging and sh*t, but, still, it should not be a problem to her, a self-proclaimed rich b*tch for almost three years now. It’s a cheapo looking crib based on her videos too, so she should not have problems buying that if she is what she claims to be. Maybe buy some eye cream to cover ’em puffy eyebags too.

Sara Finance Reviews

That’s my two cents regarding her income. I just couldn’t believe that she’s as rich as she claims. To be fair, she’s not broke either, but it’s not a thang to sing praises for, especially when she’s telling the world that she’s quite the opposite. For that, I’m already not down on buying any of her courses. And no, my stance won’t definitely change after knowing more about the said courses.

They’re already relatively cheap compared to the ones I’ve reviewed before, yet they’re still overpriced. Take Sara Finance’s Dropshipping Business course that cost $297.99 for example. It’s not only me saying this, but other Sara Finance Reviews also mentioned that what she teaches is something you can easily find on the internet for free. It’s also outdated and generic as f*ck. This is bad because you need to stand out in the dropshipping space, and not do what everybody else is doing like she suggests.

Speaking of suggestions, she’s also not giving any that’s worth a dime. Some are downright unethical even. First, her reliance on a product getting viral on social media platforms to get sales ain’t good. She got what it takes to get views alright, but it’s not usually the case for everybody else, or, at least, not the case for the average dropshippers. Other suggestions that are garbo are as follows: Buying Instagram followers, listing multiple products despite only selling one “main” product, copying product description from similar products on Amazon, and the list goes on and on.

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