Savings Highway Global Review (Steve Gresham)

People are always on the lookout for ways to save money. With a lot of our daily necessities costing a lot more than it did in previous years, any way to save a bit of cash is always welcome. That’s why a lot of us collect coupons or wait for the latest sale to hit if we want to buy something. There are lot of different websites and services out there that help you collect coupons or help you get cashback on the items you’re going to buy or have already bought. And apparently a company called Savings Highway Global is doing just that.

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Savings Highway Global was founded by Steve Gresham and his wife Luz around 2020. Steve has had a few decades worth of experience as a marketer. There isn’t really much else to be known about Steve Gresham and his marketing experience. His corporate bio mentions that he has a fourth degree black belt in karate and somehow has experience as an “accomplished singer, songwriter and saxophonist.” I’m not really sure how that pertains to his corporate experience. But at least he has hobbies outside of work? Luz has less information about her on the website despite being a co-founder.

The thing about Savings Highway Global is that it went through a lot of changes throughout the past decade or so. Savings Highway started around the late 2000s in sort of the same form that it has now. Somehow, that company went under and rebranded to My 1 Dollar Business shortly after. Then that company went under and rebranded to My 20 Dollar Travel Business. Then that company went under then rebranded to what is now Savings Highway Global. It’s sort of a full circle moment of sorts.

Savings Highway Global doesn’t really have any products to sell. Their pitch comes down to paying them a monthly fee to get access to deals from third party partners. There are two different subscription tiers. There’s the Gold tier which costs $20 a month and gives you access to a website where you can access different deals. Then there’s the Platinum tier which costs $100 a month. It has all of the things included in the Gold tier plus a grocery discount card and a dining & shopping card. Obviously, the Platinum tier is what’s more popular among the two tiers.

What’s weird about their subscription service is that they give you your own personal URL. Why would a membership program give their members their own URL? Unless… Maybe I might be assuming some stuff. But when I saw that they somehow had a compensation plan, it got me to thinking. Is this a multi-level marketing scheme? And when I decided to look for videos about Savings Highway Global, it kind of confirmed my suspicions.

In order to earn money from Savings Highway Global, you have to recruit somebody. In most MLM or network marketing schemes, you kind of have to get people to join the program in order for you to earn money commissions from them. You get about a 33% commission for every new member who joins the program through the website that you have. In order for them to earn commissions, they have to do the same thing as you did.

This is definitely one of the few multi-level marketing schemes that I have seen that doesn’t really sell any kind of product. Normally, MLM schemes will sell you nutritional supplements, clothing and even beauty products. For those MLM companies, you have to maintain a certain quota in order to earn money. But since there is nothing to sell Savings Highway Global except the possibility of saving money through this membership program.

Honestly, I can’t really recommend you to pay $20 or $100 just for the chance to maybe save some money through their program. If this program was in any way legitimate, more people would’ve been recommending it to me. Also, the main website for it looks so bad. It feels like they just added photos to a template and called it a day. If you’re going to entice people to join your MLM scheme, might as well make it look good, right? You should at least put some effort into it.

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