Savvy System Review (Abbey Ashley)

Abbey Ashley

Savvy System is not yet opening its doors for new students until September this year. All you can do for now is join the program’s VIP waitlist and get some free VA checklist and starter kit. You can also look forward in receiving up to three hundred bucks off if you take advantage of their early bird pricing. But wait, should you even enroll for this? I’ll give you my thoughts below.

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While this year’s Savvy System isn’t open for enrollment yet [or so it seems, I’ll explain later], we could expect similarities from its past iteration. Which is why I’d share some info on what’s up with the previous versions of this course. Issa sneak peek of what to expect from Savvy System soon.

As mentioned before, Savvy System is Abbey Ashley’s signature, step-by-step VA training program. Here, she covers all the things you need to jumpstart your career as a VA. Takes you from zero to hero, from nope to freakin’ dope, and in Abbey’s own words, from start-up to sold out in your at-home biz.

Expect the core training to cover topics such as how to discover your skillset; how much would you charge for your VA service; how to market and build your brand; how to set up payment, invoicing, and taxes; how to build your own website; and how to scale your VA biz by growing your team and raising your prices.

Besides the core training, you’ll also get bonus training, document samples, and collection of templates. Some of which can be bought outside the Savvy System course like The VA Toolbox. With that said, the price of Savvy System starts at $997 [or twelve payments of $97] for the lite package, and up to $2,997  [or twelve payments of $297] for the ultimate one.

On the surface, the students seems happy with Savvy System. They’re giving high praises towards Abbey and the course while keeping their critiques reasonable and very “tamed”. However, if you dig deeper and read beyond the fanfare of “successful” students, most of which are course affiliates themselves, there are concerns that don’t really paint the course in a good light.

And they’re all valid too. Like, I wholeheartedly agree that Abbey’s suggestion of offering a service for free initially is awful. Girl, NO, there are better ways to impress clients other than being a glorified unpaid intern. It’s giving influencers asking for free sh*t in exchange of “exposure”. Also, isn’t a client who’s more than fine not paying your service a big red flag in the first place?

Then, there are comments on how her suggested setup— branding, website, portfolio, that stuff— is far from what’s considered good in the VA space. It’s as if she’s not updated with the latest VA trends and standards… She’s probably not ’cause her main money maker is on selling courses. Why bother, amirite?

I mean, she and her team can’t even be bothered on providing enough support. I’m talking about questions getting answered by other students rather than ’em, if not complete crickets. And no, cheerleader typa comments don’t count BTW. That sh*t isn’t a big help if you can’t get serious answers from serious business inquiries. 

Savvy System Review

In case you’re wondering, a previous student explains why we aren’t seeing these unfavorable comments at all. According to them, Abbey was able to hide the dissatisfaction by disabling the reviews section of The Virtual Savvy Facebook page. Just par for the course I should say knowing how they moderate their private community group to censor any “negativity” aka valid concerns that’s worth bringing up. Yikes!

And yeah, ‘member how I told ya that Savvy System isn’t open for enrollment yet? Well, it’s apparently not true as there are reports saying there’s no such thing as waiting in the VIP waitlist. Like, they’ll immediately send you an enrollment invite, regardless. Erm, how about you don’t? A VA biz ain’t that special, anyways. 

With clients opting to get their VAs overseas, you’re sadly more replaceable than ever. This is like AI-taking-over-human-jobs scenario before AI is even relevant. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the prospect of charging less just to keep clients from looking elsewhere. 

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