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Amz Scale Review (Amzscaledone4you)


Amz Scale, the full-service Amazon agency, is your access to eCommerce success, or so their tagline says. Founded by Daniel Vogler and Maurice Glissman in 2019, Amz Scale was said to be a leading international Amazon FBA agency, with over 600 products and more than 250 clients. The said figures listed in Amzscaledone4you dot com are quite impressive, but, still, isn’t it premature to label themselves a frontrunner when they’re kinda new? Answer is in my review about them below.

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But first, let’s talk more about the Amz Scale. Amz Scale describes themselves as a team of Amazon experts whose knowledge comes from practice. In other words, their core personnel have built their very own winning Amazon stores. Some are even able to sell their brand. To them, the best way to financial freedom is through eCommerce and online retail.

So, it turns out, Amz scale is not really new in the eCommerce space, only their Done4You offer.  Still, no way I’m calling myself the leading brand for so many times just like they did. There’s no problem prepping yourself up, but they could’ve worded the labels better. Like c’mon, you’re calling yourself “leading” just because you have a pretty sizable number of products and clients? Nah. Not when they’re also the ones deciding to give it to themselves. Cue Obama awards himself a medal meme.

Anyhow, here’s the advantages you’ll get from using Amz Scale’s Done4You that’s worth noting. All are listed on Amzscaledone4you dot com. First, there’s no effort required from you as Amz Scale’s team will do a complete takeover. Literally, the entire process is all done by them. Just pay the (hefty) fees, of course.

Second, you’ll get a guarantee of success from them. Not just mere spoken words, but it’ll be inked in a contract. How will they deliver on that, then? Well, Amz Scale’s team of experts are obligated to manage your store until you get your ROI. Not yet getting the ROI means no backsies on ‘em.

Third, you’ll get a say on how they’ll build your Amazon store. I mean, it’s YOUR very own store after all. They’ll take your personal goals into consideration when choosing the product to sell. Gonna consider it when also coming up with the branding. As they’ve written, these goals are the “foundation of our collaboration and dictate everything.”

Fourth and final notable advantage is the transparency you’ll receive from Amz Scale. You’ll have a dedicated store manager and he/she will send updates regarding your store every two weeks or so. Also, you’ll have access to performance reports and analytics whenever. Give ‘em a call and you’ll get it.

To get the advantages, Amz Scale will do the necessary process in building an Amazon FBA store, summarized in six steps, for you. One, they’ll open up with a kickoff call to know your background, experience with FBA, personal goals, and niche of interest if there’s any. Next, they’ll do the product research based on what you’ve said on the kickoff call. Then, Amz Scale’s team in China will take care of the sourcing (supplier) and sampling (packaging and branding).

Amz Scale Review

Fourth step would be all about production, shipping, product listing, and SEO. Then, here comes the most anticipated part which is product launch— the culmination of everything done on the first four steps. Finally, another kind of manager that’s focused on your personal success will watch your KPIs, and also monitor and optimize your PPC.

My thoughts on this one? Majority of what they’ve listed on their site are something I’m okay with. That is, if they’re able to deliver on it and it’s not just some empty promises. Like, sure, they’ve got the contracts and all, but they can always pull a Seth Kniep special and put a loophole or two in it. Y’know, a free pass to get away scot-free if they somehow f*ck it all up. I’m not saying that they will surely do this fraud sh*t, but they might. Until I see some acceptable social proof from them, I won’t say otherwise.

Besides, I dislike their choice of sourcing country which is China. Sweatshop chatters aside, it might also pose a logistics problem given we’re not probably done yet with the ‘rona. One lockdown and poof! You can’t restock your inventory for a considerable amount of time. Soaring prices of international freight shipping is a concern here too. Above all, I’m not really down on paying the price of Amz Scale that’s around $30k. That’s expensive and just adds another layer of financial risk on your part.

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