Scentsy Review (Mlm Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Scented candles have been around in the industry and are known for releasing a fragrant odor that can be smelled all throughout the room. It can improve one’s mood, and can sometimes help during sexy times (if you know what I mean). But sometimes it can cause tragedy because of fire. And because of that, Scentsy developed a wickless scented candle, electronic at that to change the norm.

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Scentsy was founded by the husband and wife team Orville and Haidi Thompson in 2004. They offer a wide variety of products that focus on scents and well-being of the user. Their most popular product is their scented wickless candle because who wouldn’t want to have a refreshing, good smelling, odor-free household? And hazard-free at that? And that’s what they were thinking when they made the product.

They were also the first company that I reviewed that catered to kids and also pets as their target market. They’re selling stuffed toys and buddy clips for the kids and shampoo, deodorizing and hair-detangling spray for the pets. Among all these products, they also have detergents, and different scented oils (or flavors) to be put on their diffusers (those noisy whistling one’s in malls that sounds like water spray but give fragrant odor).

Their diffusers are each built differently. It has a variety of styles, colors, mold/shape for you to choose from to compliment on how the interior design of your home was built. They’re getting really creative here, eyy? They’re like the Miniso of the US because of they have countless products to offer to the market. But not comparable with the price tho, that’s for sure since they’re an MLM company.

And because it’s an MLM company, there’s a fee for joining Scentsy. It will cost you $99 to become a consultant, which includes a warmer, a couple of scent testers, product samples, business tools, a gift and your personal website that is free for 3 months. After those 3 months, you will need to pay $10 monthly in order to keep your website active and of course, continue your Scentsy consultant journey.

When you start, you will be titled with Scentsy Consultant, the lowest rank in the chain and is rewarded with 20% of retail commissions when you get to sell their products. If you reach a certain amount of PRV (Personal Retail Volume) then you will be promoted as a certified consultant and be rewarded with 25% of retail commissions. And of all the certified consultants, there are 6 more ranks to reach to be able to get more commissions.

In every active consultants you have on your downline, each of their sales will also allow you to receive commissions. Whether you get more commissions or not depends on the people that you recruited. There’s also a group wholesale volume commission of 2% for every active frontline consultant that you have recruited. And in every rank you attain, this wholesale volume commission increases for up to 9%.

Most of Scentsy’s lawsuits are them suing someone or other companies but here are some of the problems that they encounter and get sued for. In 2012, they were sued by Primary Children’s Medica for copyright infringement over the use of the term “Festival of Trees”. And in the same year got sued by Eva Marosvari, the person behind Scentsy Buddies (those stuffed toys for kids), for theft of intellectual property after they refused to pay her for that idea (Why would you do that, Scentsy?).

A lot of their positive reviews are basically because of how the product smells and they are not too costly because their wax lasts for a while. And another positive side is that there are lots of other flavors to choose from and try so that you won’t get bored and tired of just one scent. On the negative side, all of their complaints are because of poor customer service. Examples are they are sending products that are not included in the order and then over charging them.

Scentsy is not a scam. You can actually earn money with retail sales and recruitment bonuses but it is not as easy as the company makes it sound. The compensation plan is a little bit underwhelming compared to other MLM companies out there but maybe because Scentsy is a product-driven company and does not earn profit mostly in recruiting people.

I still don’t recommend you joining Scentsy even if their membership fee is a little bit low compared to other MLM companies. God knows how long it will take you to earn significant money in this kind of setup because according to the AARP foundation, 47% of MLM distributors lose their money.

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