Chris Schroeder Review

Chris Schroeder

Chris Schroeder reveals that he used to work at a resto, and relied on diners’ generosity on a daily basis to make ends meet. This arrangement left Chris with no social life and frequent overdraft fees. Basically, all was NOT well until he met a mentor who introduced him to phone flipping. After a month or two of doing the said biz, it’s all apparently well for him financial-wise. Scroll below for the rest of his story.

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To no one’s surprise, Chris here goes from being a mentee to becoming a mentor himself. Why, it’s because he wants to help others reach the same level of success as him (if not more), duh! Join The Phone Flipping Profits Challenge of his, start flipping phones, make lotta cash, end of story. 

But seriously, this holier-than-thou sh*t is getting old at this point. At the very least, they can be frank and admit that they’re there for the side income. But Chris didn’t mention any of that. Of course, he won’t. Not when it’s very likely that this course and mentorship gig is not only a side hustle for him, but more of a main money maker. The usual for these so-called gurus, I should say. 

So, here’s a review of his business model. Chris has been misleading people into thinking that this business model is very lucrative. It’s not, given that he’s out here selling courses instead of focusing on his “thriving reselling business” and keeping his mouth shut. No way he’s purposely tanking his business by making more competition in the already saturated flipping phones space.

Also, his promise is just too good to be true. I mean, just look at the numbers he’s spouting here. Minimum of $1,000 profit a week from reselling used, damaged, or even completely broken phones without the need to repair them. Like huh? I don’t think it’s that easy, be serious. Unless he’s gonna teach his students to do some hypnosis or some sh*t to sell crap devices at ridiculous rates, I don’t know how the heck would anyone profit big from this.

No, I’m not just being a Debbie downer here. Flipping phones for a huge profit is very, very hard to pull off. Same as flipping in real estate, I fear. It’s hard because of all the established phone flippers as your competition, and the many lowballers and scammers as your potential phone dealers/customers.

Regarding dealers, there’s always a chance of getting phones that are blacklisted, locked for good (the usual for stolen ones), and are completely fried and busted. Good luck reselling those because you likely can’t. Regarding customers, prepare for the headache that comes when you’re dealing with choosing beggars, joy reservers, and scummy refunders. That’d be worth a lot of Advil, I tell ya.

Chris Schroeder Review

To add, Chris himself mentions the need of using paid ads here which will obviously eat up the profit margin more and more. How about no? With that said, I won’t be recommending Chris’ business model nor joining his The Phone Flipping Profits Challenge that cost $49 for the general admission and $149 (which he wrongly labeled as $47 because he can’t be bothered fixing his copy) for the VIP pass.

For the completeness of this review, here’s what you’ll get for signing up for his challenge. For the general admission, you’ll get access to a Facebook community and five days of training where Chris will share his wealth mindset, his “top secret” marketing systems, and his way of making offers, negotiating, and selling deals fast. For VIP pass, you’ll get everything from general admission plus access to VIP Kickoff call and five days of Q and A with Chris. 

That’s his Profits Challenge alone. Once you’re on the other side, he’ll try to sell you more of ‘em courses. Starting from similarly priced console flipping courses, social media marketing courses, and up to thousands worth of one-on-one coaching. Upsells, upsells, and more upsells. You don’t wanna be part of that when one, the business models ain’t worth doing; and two, the things he’ll teach you there are basic info that you can easily learn for zero cost. Google is free, y’all try to use it.

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