Home Flipping Workshop Review (Glenn And Amber Schworm)

Home Flipping Workshop

Home Flipping Workshop is a three-day virtual event by Glenn and Amber Schworm. Here, the couple would talk about their find, fund, fix, flip, and hold properties system. Why listen to how they do home flipping, then? Well, they’ve been doing this thang for years and have over six hundred homes flipped under their belt. Doesn’t hurt to hear some advice or two from the so-called flipping vets if the price is right. Is it? Scroll below to find out.

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Not so fun fact, Home Flipping Workshop was originally an onsite event and always been like that until the pandemic happened. Aside from the training, you’ll also get a property bus tour to see the actual homes in person. This also means more chances to mingle and expand your network of beginners and seasoned real estate investors alike. Ah, the memories without the killah virus.

It’s all in the past, though. Regardless if it’s online or on-site, the quality of training in the workshop remains the same, or so Glenn and Amber say. They would still hand out the exact same system they used themselves – the find, fund, fix, flip, and hold properties system I’ve mentioned earlier. 

The said system can be summarized as follows: you find profitable properties right in the ‘hood, you fund your deal using someone else’s money, you fix what’s recommended to fix to get the most value out of repairs, you flip using the couple’s winning strategy for mean profits, and you hold your properties when there’s recurring revenue to be made. 

Nothing really stood out except the funding part. Here goes the “no money down” claim, but then they’ll usually instruct you to take a loan or credit card funding. Yeah, you still owe that money and more because of the interest amount. Like c’mon, stop acting that anyone can easily start a flipping biz of their own. Being required to get at least $50k funding from a lender to get going isn’t an “easy” start. Not when you compare it to a f*ck tons of businesses that you can own with money out of your pocket. 

It might be a bitter pill to swallow, but I don’t think real estate is suitable for a tight budget person aka the average Joes. If you’re still living paycheck to paycheck, you just gotta accept that real estate is definitely not your match made in heaven biz. There’s something like that for you, but you have to look somewhere else. To add, it’s not for the faint of heart too as starting a debt-driven biz has major risk written all over it.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t completely Glenn and Amber’s fault. Yes, they could be more honest with the risk involved, that’s for sure. However, I understand where they get such optimism that a leap of faith seems like a pretty tamed and calculated gamble to them. It’s because they started with taking a huge gamble themselves like it’s nothing.

Home Flipping Workshop Review

Down $80k in credit card debt, they basically just go YOLO out of sheer desperation and bet that the house they bought for flipping with their last cash will pay off huge. And it did pay off. $17k clean take-home money on their first deal, then $33k on the second. The list of wins goes on and on and on. With the majority of their deals leading to profits and wins, it’s safe to say that they’ll think home flipping would be easy for everyone else. It’s not.

Anyhow, here’s the info on Home Flipping Workshop. The 3-day workshop includes the following: Hands-on instruction from Glenn and Amber, virtual on-site tour of real estate properties, a home flipping checklist to follow for a profitable home flipping biz, and home flipping evaluator to calculate the costs for renovation and after-repair. The price of Home Flipping Workshop? Well, Home Flipping Workshop costs $59.

My verdict? I really don’t recommend home flipping as a business model, but Glenn and Amber’s workshop is a good beginner-friendly resource if I can’t change your mind on being a flipper. To answer the question at the start, I think the price is right for Home Flipping Workshop. Just be wary of the pricier mentorship from the couple that you might get as an upsell, that’s a big no no for me personally. Better learn from a local real estate vet instead.

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