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One of the things that I enjoy mentioning is that I often come across different personalities who share the same name. It’s always a fun time whenever that happens. There have been some instances of that where the people who share the same name also work in the same industry. It has happened with sports journalists Amy Lawrence and Amy Lawrence. Even with two jazz musicians named Lonnie Smith. You never really know which relatively known people share the same name until you search for it on Google.

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When I search for the name Scott Underwood, it lead me to three notable search results. The first one is for Scott Diggs Underwood, a storyboard artist who has worked in many different animated series and movies for the past two decades or so. His most notable work was for the 1999 animated series “Ed, Edd n Eddy.” One of his most recent work was for the animated film “Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania.”

There wasn’t really much could find with regards to Scott Diggs Underwood’s early life. But it does seem his interest in drawing started as a little kid. It seems that the things that you grew up doing or were interested in would sometimes lead you to a certain career path. It has been pretty common among artists and athletes. He just submitted his portfolio for the company that did “Ed, Edd n Eddy” at his former instructor’s suggestion. And the rest was pretty much history.

The second notable search result was for songwriter Scott Underwood. Compare to the first one, he doesn’t to have many interviews that went to print. I did manage to find a podcast that had him on. But I don’t know if I could listen to the entire episode just to find tidbits about him. All you really have to know is that he was primarily a math teach who wrote worship songs on the sign. Somehow, unsurprisingly, his songs were particularly popular among the people listen to it. He has released a few albums since 2004.

The third and most notable one is drummer Scott Underwood. Like I said earlier, you never would’ve expect that two people who have the same name would somehow be working in the same industry. Though, their genres are definitely on opposite sides of each other. But it’s amazing how stuff like turns out. I wasn’t really aware of Scott Underwood prior to this. But I was aware of the music that he contributed to.

Similar to other musicians, Scott Underwood started playing music when he was in high school. He started playing for the school’s jazz band. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t really adept at reading sheet music. But the instructor for it really liked how he played music. So he was able to join the band and manage to help them win awards.

He struggled a bit during his college years. He wasn’t really sure what he wanted to take up. His dad didn’t want to enroll him to “rock-n-roll school” even though it was the one thing he was good at. So he decided to keep playing gigs and eventually managed to do a bit of online study for drumming. He eventually moved to Colorado to play in different bands that would take him. It was playing with one of those bands that lead him to the band Train.

Since then, Scott has been playing with the band up until 2014. During his time with the band, they this really huge hit titled “Hey Soul Sister.” If you sung the title in your head, you know exactly what song it is. The band did really well itself by the time they released that song. They apparently had the highest selling record in the history of their record label at the time. It’s insane how one song can change your career.

Eventually, Scott left the band to pursue his own thing. He founded his own record company called Thunderwood Sound. At that point, he had a net worth of $9,000,000. But it seems that he couldn’t resist being a part of a band. In 2021, it was announced that he was part of the lineup for a band called HU3M3N.

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