Course From Scratch Review (Danielle Leslie)

Danielle Leslie

Danielle Leslie started out by saying some bold statement to herself – that her online course will earn her a million. Turns out, her power to manifest is quite strong as she’s able to hit a figure way above her target, around $20 million now and counting, from Course From Scratch. What’s more interesting here is the fact that she’s able to earn some mullahs from selling a course that, guess what, teaches how to sell a course itself. Scroll below for more info.

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Unlike other financial gurus, I won’t give Danielle some disgusted looks after she earned money, millions of dollars apparently, from selling a course only. She’s transparent with it right from the get go. She’s basically “live by the three, die by the three,” but replace “three” with selling courses. Started cashing some checks as a Udemy coach, then ended up selling a course of her own in Course From Scratch after an unexpected layoff.

I still have some major concerns, though. First is her own income claim. It’s more than likely that what she’s showing off is just the sales revenue. I had my detective glasses on as I inspected her course’s members-only Facebook group. With around 8,500 bodies there, the math checks out, but, again, for the sales revenue. Like, girl, how about showing your net profit aka take-home money instead?

I’m talking about the money she’ll get after subtracting all the expenses – the salary of her team as she can’t obviously handle all the 8,500 members of the course by herself, the payment to maintain her course (tool subscription, website costs, etc.), and most importantly, the huge sum of money that she had to shell out for ads to promote her course. Bottom line, she should’ve chosen to flex her net profit. Stop being misleading once and for all. I’ll be more impressed despite the lower figures of it, TBH.

Another concern would be the income claim of her students. The figures posted in the course’s site are actually too good to be true. I’ll accept the sales revenue of Danielle, but not the figure she listed for her students. Sure, she’s the one who taught them how to launch their course and all, but she can’t just teach her 12+ years of coaching experience. Not her wit and charm too that likely carried her to the success she’s experiencing today. About that….

She surely needs her charismatic ass, plus her marketing chops, from  the past since she seems li-lo with the PR stuff. Her YouTube channel? Already abandoned and barren as the last video she posted there is from 4 years ago. How about the Instagram account she’s flexing for having 122k followers? She rarely posts there, the few latest ones are not even about the course but some (stupid) NFT of hers, and the pathetic engagement says it all. The impressive followers’ count, which can also be bought anyway,  is lowkey useless when your post barely hits a hundred likes.

Course From Scratch Review

You know what, good for her that the brand she built from years ago, with the excessive use of hashtags and all, is still able to get her course some new students. But what about the students of her Course From Scratch course? There’s no way they can copy whatever she’s doing and expect the same success. That’s actually the most important thing here that Danielle deliberately failed to mention – that having a well-established brand is the key to selling your courses. Having extensive knowledge on what you’ll be talking about and effective marketing campaigns is very important too,  but definitely not the MVC strategy of hers that’s behind a pricey course, to some extent. Simply put, the latter is the least  that you should know regarding launching a course.

Anyway, let’s talk about the deets regarding her course. Upon signing up, you’ll receive six modules of course materials about launching your own course within 60 days, access to a members-only Facebook group I’ve mentioned before, and weekly live Q and A calls. All of that for a hefty price of Course From Scratch that’ll cost you $3,997.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend Danielle’s pricey Course From Scratch. Besides the concerns I mentioned above, the refund policy is just an effective customer repellant. Being the complete opposite of no questions asked, you essentially have to rush doing all the requirements as you only have 14 days. Once that’s up, say goodbye to your bucks. Sorry but you won’t see me vibing with Danielle’s signature #whatceiling. I’ll write her #byefelicia instead.

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