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There are so many different people that I have written about. For the most part, all of them are how their careers lead them to have a certain net worth. I still have no idea how a person gets a certain net worth. If you really think about it, everybody has some amount of net worth attached to their name. It’s just that some people have the kind of net worth you would dream of. But it’s very hard to achieve that without having a career that would lead you to that.

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I have written about different types of personalities ranging from athletes to musicians. But I rarely have written about visual artists. And by visual artists, I mean painters, photographers and graphic designers. There have been a few notable people that I have written about. And I really enjoy learning more about them. Even though I was a fan of graphic, I had only gotten to know more about Milton Glaser when I was writing about. He has done a lot of work that I didn’t realize was his.

But there are so many other visual artists that I haven’t really know that much of. There are still a lot of artists that are still doing art now that I otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of. I just enjoy the process of learning more about them as I write. You don’t always get the opportunity to learn about people who are still contributing to the art form. And sometimes writing about them is the only way that you get to learn about their life.

One thing that I sometimes notice whenever I write about a certain personality is there is often that realization that they had a specific career in mind. Often, it had to do with how they grew up. Musicians would often spend time with their parents listening to music or even playing instruments. Athletes often grow up playing the sport that would then become their careers aside from a few other ones. Some actors grew up doing little shows in front of friends or family members.

The moment that lead Sean Scully to become an artist didn’t really have much to do with art. When he and his family were living in London, they didn’t really have all the amenities you would hope for. In this case, their house didn’t have heating except for one room. Whenever Sean left his room, his dad would yell to him to shut his door because the cool air would disrupt the heat in the room that was heated. He taught a mynah bird that he had to say the thing his dad says. So one night, he went out and his dad said the thing and the mynah bird said it back.

That kind of rebellious nature lead to Sean wanting to become an artist. He spent a bit of teenage years working as an apprentice in a printing shop. He did a bit of graphic design work after leaving the apprenticeship. While he was working full-time in various jobs, he also attended night classes at the Central School of Art. That was what solidified his goal to go to art school. Unfortunately, a lot of art schools in London turned him down. But eventually, he managed to get into the Croydon College of Art. A few years after that, he studied at Newcastle University.

His career pretty much started from there. He did a bit of traveling, which had some influence on his art. In the early 1970s, he had gotten a scholarship to study at Harvard. He flew to the United States where he pretty much settled down.

It seems that during the first two decades of his career, he sort of had a struggle on what kind of art movement and style he wanted to do. I guess it’s normal for an artist to evolve in that kind of way. Sometimes the thing you’ve been doing can be hard to sustain. But it seems that his style has stayed the same for the succeeding decades. His art has been showcased in different museums and art spaces across the world. It’s no wonder he has a net worth of $5,000,000.

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