Digital Millionaire Secrets Review (Dan Henry)

Dan Henry

Dan Henry claims that his Digital Millionaire Secrets book is something he wants his younger self to have in hand. It’s like a manual of some sort on the things he did right that made him a millionaire. Hindsight is always 20/20 and he’s already living a comfortable life, but there’s nothing wrong with him wishing to not make the mistakes that he did before. Scroll below for more deets.

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If he could’ve done all the things right for the first time, he wouldn’t be lying to his pops that he’s about to get frisky with an art chic. Who knows, maybe we don’t get the killah virus on a timeline where he didn’t say some bullsh*t to hide his side hustle. Hah. But seriously, I don’t blame him for not wanting to go through the consequences of his mistakes. It’s not just him, but nobody would want to be a human billboard just to sell water bottles out of desperation. No one would also be okay for having a two hundred fifty f*cking K dollars of IRS debt just like him.

So, what did he do that made him go from broke and drowning in debt to being an eight-figure entrepreneur? Long story short, he started selling out digital products. Essentially, he’s selling his advice and expertise online. Online courses, high-ticket coaching, masterminds, you name it. He prefers to call it “education business,” while I’ll call it myself the “guru business” in a not-so-good way.

He IS a guru, the kind that’ll sell everything, even their children, over a dinner table. As expected, he follows the typical script of one too. This time, he mentions that successful people in the digital product space get their start by knowing someone. A mentor who’s been there and done that, or so they say. Conveniently, he, Dan, has a mentorship program of his own too. Bleurgh. Self-promotion ain’t bad, but it’s kinda disgusting given the context. 

It’s like him saying “hey-ya! I’ve sold a lot of courses because of suckers being suckers. Learn how I did it step-by-step by being a sucker yourself and buying another course from me.” You’re getting lured to buy some of his sh*t with him saying six-figures this, seven-figures that. When you earn way less than that, probably zero, he’ll just point to a fine print and say that the figures and results he’s annoyingly flexing are not typical. Bitch, what?

And I’m not only being triggered by a few paragraphs in his book. I’m “all gas, no brakes” with pointing out all the things wrong with him because I’ve seen his squeeze page too. And he got the nasty in there. Fake scarcity? Check. Countdown timer? Also check. Taking his damn time to say he got some secret sauce to spill instead of spilling it straight up without the fluff? Check, check, and check.

Digital Millionaire Secrets Review

Not only that, he got some cringeworthy ads too, one of them I unfortunately stumbled upon. Gotta need some eyebleach after seeing that horny Santa meets horny elves (ho ho… hoe?) ad that’ll pass as a p*rn skit if it has some actual f*cking in it. Rapping instead of wrapping ‘em Christmas gifts too. Might be funny for some, but it’ll be much better for me if he just, well, flashed a plain text to get across a simple message – that he got some of his courses for free on Black Friday. Yeaaah.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad marketer per se. Him being a guru is bad, but it doesn’t make him less talented with marketing and selling. Take out all the nasty guru stuff and he’ll still be able to make sales, albeit less effectively. To add, there’s some good bits of info in his Digital Millionaire Secrets book that costs $16.19. Concepts like the fence method and goldfish rule is something I’m down knowing. The way he explains it is also easy to understand and engaging, so there’s that.

However, I won’t recommend his mentorship with the same name as the book. With all the red flags mentioned above, he’ll probably just suck your wallets dry with the pricey Digital Millionaire Secrets coaching program that costs around $10k and some more with all the upsells. If you’re also not sure if you got what it takes to sell your expertise at a price, then you better skip this course. Not everyone is cut to be a mentor. No need to pay the premium to find out.

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