Section 8 Secrets Review (Tom Cruz)

Tom Cruz

Tom Cruz, Tiktok influencer and founder of Section 8 Secrets, has received a lot of flak for various reasons. One time, he displayed how out of touch he was after ranking his friends based on their net worth, and calling the one that came out the lowest “broke Bobby”. I say don’t drag your friend like that, foo. At least his $125k is not from exploiting the poor like you do. My review about him and his course continues below.

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The other time he’s bashed is actually related to the business model on his course… his exploitative business that he’s actually using in some city in North Carolina. Being a slumlord is one thing, posting a Tiktok clip for the world to see how entitled and soulless you are is another.

Seriously, dude has the widest white tooth demon smile after saying that he’ll basically kick out good paying tenants for section 8 housing. And no, it’s not out of goodwill that he’ll favor the poor, he just knows he can f*ck around, do the absolute bare minimum for them (his section 8 tenants), and still get rich off tax money.

I’m not making assumptions based on the clip alone, mind you. It’s from a lotta people. How he’s exploiting the public since he gets guaranteed rent money from the government (tax money) without spending a dime on maintenance and improvements. To hell with improvements too, he won’t even fix basic necessities like heaters until it completely broke down. Geez. Everyone hates him in the ‘hood as they say.

Now, here’s the thing why he’s getting away with this. Tom can easily kick section 8 peeps out. Like, he can come up with BS excuses (he can and he will, he’s THAT evil) and out they go. It has to do with the government giving him that power and also the (bad) reputation of section 8 peeps.

It’s something along the lines of “oh, they’re the ones below the poverty line, they must be the baddies!” Them being poor doesn’t mean they’re automatically problematic, c’mon now. And yeah, these poor fellas don’t want the prospect of having no roof above their head for the foreseeable future, so they grudgingly let all this neglect slide.

To no one’s surprise, this evil side of Tom is also there on his Section 8 Secrets course. Later on his sh*ttyness, though. We go over what he offers here first. In the course’s website, it’s written that you’ll get two course components, the coaching access and video training. For the coaching access, you’ll get one monthly group call and unlimited access to Tom via his Telegram DMs and email.

For the video training, it’s divided into seven modules that are as follows: How to pick the best markets in the US for section 8; how to select ideal properties that’ll comply with section 8 guidelines; how to secure the best financing products for your section 8 rental, how to get onboarded with section 8; how to pass section 8 inspections; how to screen and manage tenants; and how to scale and grow your portfolio. All of this in Section 8 Secrets would cost you $5k.

Section 8 Secrets Review

Once again, Tom is back with his exploitative ass. This time, it’s about the price-gouging of his course that’s not worth that much (not even close as a past student of his say). Means there’s no “secrets” whatsoever here that you can’t find on the internet for free. “It’s really not that difficult of a strategy” as someone pointed out. 

To add, there’s none of the hand holding (like hooking you up with lenders) he implies in his pitch. The unlimited access to him? That’s BS too since he’s not the one, but a random dude who’ll DM you back here if not left you on read. Worst, this jerk will threaten to sue you if you ever issue a chargeback after wanting out of his sh*t. No jail free card here, I fear.

Obviously, I won’t recommend signing up for  Section 8 Secrets. It’s not worth the steep price, ‘nuff said. Besides, are you really down on supporting a POS slumlord and maybe becoming one yourself? I hope not because getting rich doesn’t require you to essentially sell your soul to the devil. Whaddya say?

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