Seint Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

The beauty and personal care industry has its fair share of network or multi-level marketing companies. And it isn’t that surprising. It’s just really easy to sell products through a structure that multi-level marketing provides. I haven’t really reviewed a lot of companies that work in beauty and personal care that much. It’s mainly been either health & wellness or crypto. At least with health & wellness products, you can see the product yourself. The same applies to beauty and personal care products. Most of the crypto MLMs I’ve reviewed like GSPartners and BitLocity mainly sell a specific cryptocurrency. And that cryptocurrency is also what you get paid with. So reviewing a beauty and personal care company is nice change of pace from that.

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Seint first started out mainly as a blog. Beauty blogger Cara Brook started Maskcara around the late 2000s. As a kid, she did a science fair project about the beauty industry when she in fifth grade. I’m kind of amazed to see someone that young talk about an industry where she wouldn’t part of the target market yet. Unfortunately, she didn’t win at the science fair. But that topic basically became her career path going forward. In 2013, she began selling beauty products under the Maskcara brand. (Huh. I just realized that the name of her blog was a play on the word mascara. But the K seemed unnecessary. Should we put a mask on Cara? Is Cara just showing the mask of her that she wants you to see?)

Maskcara Beauty basically became her business from then on. There was still a period when she was still juggling her blog and her beauty business. In 2014, the New York Times did a feature on her and her beauty line. The balancing act between those two parts of her mainly shifted more towards the business side. She was basically using the brand she had made for herself as the jumping board to being a full on business. Cara stopped writing articles on her blog around 2017 in order to focus on her business. In 2020, Maskcara Beauty rebranded in Seint. Yes, it’s pronounced the same way as “saint.” Even the shorthand for the logo is “St.” Cara really likes play-on words.

Like many multi-level marketing companies, you have to be an affiliate member in order to start earn money. Affiliate members during the Maskcara Beauty days were called hac.ers. (Again, the play on words.) The term came from HAC’ing, a shorthand that Cara made for highlighting and contouring. It’s basically using shades of makeup to make certain parts of your face look more defined. With Seint, affiliate members are called artists. In order to become an artist, you have buy an Artist Kit, which is basically just a bundle of Seint’s makeup. The Basic Artist Kit costs $199, while the Pro Artist Kit costs $399. It’s actually surprising that there isn’t a membership fee that you have to pay on top of that. Most of the other MLMs I have reviewed have that.

The compensation plan for Seint is pretty much the same as all the other MLMs. You will get a commission once you’ve recruited a bunch of people to join Seint’s Artist Program and maintained a specific sales number for you and your affiliates. The compensation structure is a unilevel. You are at the top, while your affiliates are below you. Those affiliates have their own affiliates and so on. You get a percentage from the commissions on all of the levels before you. The percentage is higher coming from your recruited affiliates, obviously.

The products themselves don’t seem to be that different from what’s already in stores. They seem fairly priced for what they are. Aside from standard makeup products, Seint has also started selling skincare products and perfumes. They also have merch including a candle. It doesn’t seem like there have been any negative effects on the people who used these products.

Still, I’m not really sure that going into any kind of multi-level marketing scheme is worth. It’s a lot of time, money and effort being put into a venture like this. You can’t guaranteed that you will immediately get returns on the money you put into this. Not everyone has that opportunity to earn money from MLMs. 47% of the people who join MLMs lose their money, while 27% only break even from it. Is it really worth it if you only have a fourth of a chance to earning more money that what you put into it? I don’t think so.

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