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Is Seint an MLM?

Like the market in the health and wellness niche which companies keep on popping like mushrooms, the market of the beauty care and skincare niche is also saturated enough and the competition is like a bloodbath. Are Seint’s products comparable to the likes of Mary Kay, Avon, Limelife and other well-known brands to be able to compete and survive this saturated market? Let’s see what they have to offer.

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Seint is first known as the company Maskcara, founded by Cara Brook in 2013. She started as a beauty blogger that tackles what she calls a problem in the beauty industry. She senses that instead of making women more beautiful, the beauty industry tends to make them more uncomfortable, discouraged and insecure by convincing them that they need to buy these products just to look presentable. Her goal is to celebrate every type of natural beauty and share simple and useful tips, hence the company was born.

As for the rebranding, since the old name was Maskcara, it does not signify on what their mission is all about. Promoting natural beauty then your company name is Maskcara (mascara), it just doesn’t make sense. Hence, they rebranded to the name Seint (which is read as “Saint” but could not use the proper spelling since there already exists a product line named after that), which means purity, and can coincide with the saying, “beauty is sacred work – the work of saints”.

They offer toxin-free products that simplify makeup and bring out your natural beauty, as what they’re promoting about. They introduced a new approach in doing your own makeup called the HAC which stands for highlight and contour. In this way, while using their products, you’ll put makeup and foundation to designated parts of your face. They will blend together giving an all natural look unlike when you do it layer by layer.

Seint affiliate membership offers two different kits. A Basic Artist Kit that costs $199 and a Pro Artist Kit that costs $399. The difference between the two basically is that the Pro Artist Kit includes more Seint’s products than the other kit. It also comes with a monthly fee of $11.95 which may be a maintenance fee for backend operations and in order to keep your personalized website active. This website can help you keep track and manage your business.

Retail commissions for qualified “artists” can go up to 40% and are paid weekly. The percentage goes up from the basic commission 20% whenever you reach a certain amount of PV sales weekly which in my opinion is hard if you don’t have a target market to sell products weekly. You may have weeks where you won’t get any commission since you didn’t produce any sales. Makeup products can last for 3months for the shortest duration before you need to buy a new one. 

Their residual commission is based on a unilevel compensation structure and Seint capped payable commissions up to level 5 of the downline. More commissions are earned as long as you recruit new “artists” and they produce sales. Commissions paid are based on your current rank and Seint has a total of 10 affiliate ranks for you to achieve. They also have an enroller bonus and a personal leader bonus for high ranking affiliates.

Good thing about Seint is that they reply to every query a customer has and if ever a customer wants to have a refund, they give it. If someone received a faulty product, they give coupons, which is rare for an MLM company for having good customer service. Their products are on par with some supermarket makeup in terms of price, I don’t know about the quality though. 

Bad thing about the company is that you need to know someone in the company for you to join. They require you to input an artist name before proceeding with joining. They also include in their non-disclosure agreement that an affiliate who reached a specific rank can’t join any other direct selling companies for a year. Seint doesn’t pay them, affiliates are paid based on commission, that’s why they can’t do that to these people. 

Seint is an MLM company throughout this discussion. You can earn from selling their products and not just by recruitment. I don’t recommend joining this company since its main focus is on recruiting since their retail commissions are paid weekly. What can you do if you haven’t generated sales in a week, so you’ll need to depend on your recruit’s sales to earn commission. And what if he or she didn’t make any sale either? What now?

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