Jeff Sekinger Reviews

Jeff Sekinger

Jeff Sekinger is known as the 0 percent dot com founder and front man. His main thing, as the website implies, has been teaching others how to get $50k up funding with 0 percent interest. Sounds too good to be true? Not really as you’ll be using credit cards with such promotions. Pay it back on time and it’s legit 0 percent. Otherwise, deferred interest will bite your ass. It’s a complicated process, and Jeff is here to simplify it at a price. Scroll below to know more.

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How will he simplify the process, then? Well, he and the team behind 0 percent dot com will leverage both their knowledge and connections in the lending space. They know how to play the game – when to request for more credit, when to merge, etc. They’ll also help you fix your credit score if it ever needs fixing. I’ve mentioned this in a review before that a lot of good offers, including 0 percent credit card promotions, are only limited to those with good credit scores. So, good credit score or not today, it doesn’t matter. You’ll eventually get the funding plus a good credit score in the near future with Jeff.

You can learn all of this by yourself via trial and error. But it’ll take you some time to get the hang of it. I don’t think you can easily build a meaningful network of connections close to what Jeff and the 0 percent dot com team has. Most importantly, the consequences of being on the wrong side of trial and error will f*ck you up financial-wise. Thus, I’m fine paying the good ol expert Jeff Sekinger here around $3,497 for the cost of yearly subscription to his 0 percent dot com service.

I’m not implying that every provider of such service is worth paying for. It’s a case-to-case basis. There are still scam companies as there are legit ones. And kudos to Jeff and 0 percent dot com, they seem pretty legit. Hence, the reason why I’m personally down on getting their service if I ever need one. Not to the extent of paying for his more in-depth courses such as the Financial Independence Accelerator program that costs $7,500. I don’t think you’ll need that.

To add, I’m also against needing around $50k to $150k of funding for the sake of starting your own biz. From the looks of it, you’re either going for a traditional real estate or Amazon FBA biz. Both I don’t want to f*ck with. I can go on for days on why I don’t recommend both, but that’s besides the point of this review. I’ll just drop one important reason on why you don’t have to do that sh*t. That is, there are better business models out there that don’t require huge funding to be profitable, period. I hope that resonates.

Jeff Sekinger Reviews

Anyhow, one important thing to note is that I didn’t know Jeff first as a 0 percent dot com guy. That’s because his YouTube channel is recently littered by all things crypto. You heard it right, he’s one of the so-called crypto bro. Ugh. I can let this one slide because he seems to be not on the hardcore degenerate path. 

What I mean is he’s sticking to providing insights and financial advice on the likes of Bitcoin and other stable coins. His beginner course on crypto isn’t a complete cash grab too at only $20. Most importantly, AFAIK he’s not shilling any Non-functional Testicles  Nice F*cking t*ts Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs in short. 95% of the time, the projects that take advantage of “apes buying ape jpegs” sh*t are just ponzi schemes.

Overall, Jeff Sekinger, not minding his current obsession with crypto, seems to be a stand-up guy. Don’t be fooled by his seemingly emotionless stare as he’s really passionate about all the things he does. This is a rare occurrence where I can suspend my skepticism and believe (at least partly) when he says he’s doing what he does because  he cares about value and impact more than money. I truly believe Jeff cares about value and impact, but just as he cares about money. Him dabbling in crypto recently is enough testament of his equal love for money and impact, after all.

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