Selfmastered Review (Leon Castillo)

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Leon Castillo is the founder and current CEO of Selfmastered, a high-performance, self-improvement training program intended for entrepreneurs. According to him, it intends to help entrepreneurs master their professional execution and performance fast, so they can scale their businesses while reclaiming their time and sanity. He tells this statement about the program, “After working with us for 12 weeks, our clients master the ability to understand what’s going on in their businesses and strategize a way of solving those problems, execute on that strategy, and perform at elite levels for months on end to ensure they achieve their goals. We are helping people master themselves so they can master their business.”

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And as the presentation continues, Leon says more things about the Selfmastered program. “And everything we do is guided by the firm conviction that a high-performance entrepreneur can make any business work in any economic climate in any geography or industry. We are in the business of creating business leaders. And we do so through a methodology that is based on actual science. So we do not teach opinion. We have researched, complied, and systematized the best and most repeatable frameworks from behavioral science plus provide you with the data and tools to track your performance.”

“We also provide 1-on-1 support and coaching and accountability so that you can, week on week, talk to someone that is going to help you course-correct effectively. And finally, we are building the world’s premiere community of people that have been accelerated with this methodology. So if you become a client, you’re gonna meet all of those people that we have worked with in the past. And there are quite a few because we have worked with more than 206 entrepreneurs, taking them to the next level.”

“In essence, we are in the business of making the good become great and the great become unstoppable. And we have a 4-step methodology that we have distilled over the years that is proven to help anybody, in any business, in any industry, and in any economic climate get to the next level. The problem we see most is that people are obsessed with optimizing their vehicle (the business itself) rather than the driver (meaning them, the entrepreneur). As a result, their personal problems are reflected in the business.”

The problem that Leon is talking about is the entrepreneur’s lack of focus. According to Leon, 37% of projects fail due to it having unclear direction and goals. Furthermore, 70% of entrepreneurs say that they feel like being constantly overwhelmed, and that their mental (and most of the times, physical) faculties are all over the place. And even then, only about 28% of their workday is spent on getting the actual work done. The rest of it is considered wasted. And why do they feel like this? That’s because the average entrepreneur rarely gets more than 30 uninterrupted minutes at a time? If it’s not employees in office, it’s email and texts and DMs and Slack notifications that may leave the individual distracted (even though they’re still work-related).

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The end result of this feeling would be intense burnout and drastically lowered profitability. And if unchecked, this can even affect their personal lives, leading to depression, drug addiction, divorce, and others. As Leon says, the bottom line is this statement, “Your professional performance sets the limits of your business growth. You should avoid doing this to yourself and your business. How? By training and optimizing you, the driver. The better the driver, the more output he or she can create from the vehicle. But how do you actually go about optimizing an entrepreneur’s performance?”

And this is where Leon Castillo’s Selfmastered program comes in. According to Leon, Selfmastered includes comprehensive training that’s backed by years worth of research and experience, performance tracking tools, 1-on-1 coaching that’s done on a weekly basis, and a chance to connect with a network that consists of entrepreneurs that are earning well over six-, seven-, eight-, even nine-figures worth of income. To join the program, you have to go through their 45-minute Performance Accelerator strategy call first so his team can help diagnose your situation. This is also where they mention the cost of the program, as it’s not mentioned upfront.

So, is worth the money? Sure. Leon seems to be a legitimate and trustworthy guy and all. But I feel that his program is a bit too overhyped. It could be that most of the concepts introduced here can already be found elsewhere, especially in free resources. That’s not to say it should be completely avoided, as the coaching program can be worth the money. But I do feel that you can get by with just listening to podcasts or watching videos from highly successful entrepreneurs for your self-improvement.

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