Sell What You Know Review (Alex Smale)

Alex Smale

Alex Smale claims in a YouTube ad that your knowledge and expertise can be worth up to $500k a month. With his Sell What You Know program, he believes that he and his team can help “coaches, mentors and consultants to build a business they love” while getting paid for what they’re truly worth. Read this review to learn more about him and his program.

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I don’t like the vibe of Alex from the get-go. I mean, is there really a need to express your bitterness to reviews outside your site?  Lashing out when a review mentions “is Sell What You Know scam?” for no reason hints unfounded (or is it?) insecurity to me, not gonna lie. He worked at a marketing program called Tribemix before, he should’ve known that Google SEO is a thing. Maybe he forgot all of that as a coping mechanism to take his crowdfunding project under that company off his mind that flopped so bad, he had to cancel the listing on Kickstarter within a week. But hey, at least he won an award from VR awards for it despite getting only a pledge of $28. It’s for a novel cause (VR for dementia patients) after all so kudos to him for trying.

Going back to the reviews, what I have found is that they go on to say that they don’t think Alex and his program is a scam at all. Not only that Alex is being too sensitive here that he had to dedicate a section on his site to rant about the said reviews, but he also seems incapable of reading beyond the first paragraph or two. I’m imagining him now with a bright red face and smoking ears from anger when he discovers this review too. What’s he going to nitpick next, my way of writing? Alex Smale here with “smale” dick energy, get it?

To accommodate Alex’s inability to read for prolonged periods and seemingly reduced levels of reading comprehension, I’m going to say this quite early. If you’re a regular here at Suugly, you know damn well that I usually give these verdicts at the end. But hey, I’m willing to make some changes for accessibility purposes.  Personally, I don’t think that his program is a scam. I repeat, his program is probably NOT A SCAM. Once you join the program, you’ll receive a coaching service from him and his team in return.  In the most fleshed-out definition of scam being an entity that doesn’t deliver a thing they promise once you pay, he and his program is far from that.

Does that mean that I recommend signing up for his program? No, not really. A lot of reasons, $5,000 reasons even, why I don’t recommend such. This is me using my brain to evaluate the program as is. No need to dig deep down for some conspiracy level type of beat.

Sell What You Know Review

As you have noticed, the first reason that I don’t recommend this program is its steep cost. As far as I’m concerned, this is strictly a training course only without any done with you or done for you services. The typical offer of a course materials, access to online customer support and private Facebook group, and weekly group coaching calls. Charging upwards of $5,000 for a 14-week course that requires you to have a mastery on a whole new different topic to become profitable is just expensive.

Speaking of requiring mastery, it’s important to note that coaching is not for everyone. Aside from the training by Alex on how to become presentable as a coach, you also have to back it up with actual relevant credentials related to the niche you’ll be exploring. He mentioned it even on the program’s site, he and his team are typically working with those with coaching skills already. Else, you’re just contributing on the saturated market of courses that lacks credibility and enough social proof. Worst, it’s not that easy to be actually good at teaching. I mean, there’s a reason that even the brightest in their respective fields are not necessarily the best educators and professors.

Ultimately, Alex’s Sell What You Know program is far from being beginner friendly in terms of cost and requirements. Don’t get me wrong, I think that there is actually a lot of money in coaching. I mean, look at all these courses and training programs I’m reviewing. There’s a reason that thousands of them exists. However, I won’t still give Sell What You Know my unconditional seal of approval. It’s not even about Alex and his grade A saltiness, I just think that there’s better and more affordable courses out there that I’ll try first before his.

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