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The Selling Family Review (Amazon Course)

Amazon Course

The Selling Family became an apt name when Cliff joined his wife Jessica in her Amazon FBA endeavor. Getting their son Jaiden into the mix with the PR stuff is just the icing on the cake. And BTW, Cliff got a usual 9-5 job before, but he quit it to help. Fast forward to now, he takes the helm on the operations side of the biz while Jessica switches to teaching an Amazon course. The said course is what I’m about to review below.

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What would be the pillar of The Selling Family started out during 2012, one year after the couple’s Amazon FBA biz started booming. That is, teaching ‘em FBA methods, all the nitty-gritty that made the bada bing bada boom possible, online. Seems premature to start a training program right away, eh? You could say that, but, at least, their whole “selling in Amazon” thang dated way back to ‘08. That’s what they say anyway.

The Selling Family has a variety of training programs and other Amazon FBA related offers to choose from. If you want some product leads, you could check out either their Daily Online Leads watchlist or their BoloMart group. They also have niche training like Q4 Profits where you’ll learn how to make the most out of the “ber” season aka the holidays. Then, there’s also Liquidation Gold where you’ll get some info on how to profit off liquidation inventory. Other niche training includes Niche Book Profits, 1001+ Online Sourcing Stores, and Merchant Fulfilling course.

But wait, there’s more. Similar to Rob Anderson, they also got training on how to create low-content books that apparently sell like pancakes. FYI, the products involved here are more like notebooks with more pages to write on rather than read. Y’know, the likes of weight loss journals, blood sugar trackers, yearly planners, and guest books. Yeah, The Selling Family got that in the bag with their Low Content Book Creation course. Heck, they even got affiliate marketing courses in Affiliate Hosting Course and Affiliate Outreach Bundle.

What we’ll focus on, however, is the program’s flagship Amazon course in Amazon Boot Camp 4.0. The course is marketed as “a step-by-step method to make money reselling on Amazon FBA by shopping at your favorite stores, purchasing everyday items, and letting Amazon handle the rest.” Doesn’t matter if you’re busy and don’t have thousands to invest in fancy software or enough inventory to fill a warehouse, they say. They got your back by teaching you how to start an Amazon FBA biz using retail arbitrage that’s relatively cheaper compared to using wholesaling and private label.

The gist of retail arbitrage is the same with book arbitrage. Instead of books, you’ll buy regular items from regular brick-and-mortar stores, and then resell them for a profit on Amazon. Simple and very regular, but it apparently works and can earn you around $500 to $3,000 of extra money monthly. Not only that, you can get started under $2k, with you having little time to spare, and it’s fun if you’re a deal seeker, bargain hunter, or a coupon queen.

The Selling Family Review

You’ll learn the said business model through the nine modules, video lessons in particular, of Amazon Boot Camp 4.0. There’s no live coaching session, no one-on-one or group support, no nothing. They call themselves a DIY course after all. You get what you pay for, I guess. Speaking of the price, The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp 4.0 cost a one time payment of $345. This comes with a 30-Day “Nothing to Lose” money-back guarantee which is basically a no-questions-asked refund policy.

If you’re in the US (tips and tricks are specific to US), have some time to go shopping for products to resell, don’t need a lot of hand holding to understand stuff, and have legit interest to start an Amazon FBA store using retail arbitrage, then The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp might be worth a look. It’s somehow affordable and I think it’s reasonable to pay for an organized content. I’m liking the vibes I get from their site too, they’re honest with who they are (although I’m not sure if they’re still running a biz of their own) and they’re realistic with their income claims.

On the contrary, I won’t recommend this if you’re outside the US, need some mentor-student interaction, and/or don’t have the time nor interest to do a non-online biz. Besides, I’m not really down on recommending Amazon FBA as a biz either regardless of the “flavor” you put in it. The market is too saturated at this point to get something good going.

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