Sell The Trend Review

Dropshipping has been the one thing that a lot of different e-commerce gurus have pointed to their success. People like Kamil Sattar and Jacob Levintrad have earn six-figure amounts from utilizing dropshipping in their respective e-commerce business. With so many people having created their own online courses and mentorship programs about dropshipping, I have yet to review actual companies that provide the products that earn those build people thousands of dollars in profits.

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Sell The Trend is just one of many dropshipping platforms that help you connect your e-commerce business with suppliers for products that are guaranteed to sell on your store. They provide a ton of different resources that will help you maximize the earning potential for your business while also help you find the best ways to utilize the different methods that dropshipping has to offer.

Aside from the product marketplace, you can actually create a dropshipping page for your business right on their platform. You can easily put the product you found directly on your page with just a few clicks. It also connects with many of the top e-commerce platforms out there in case you already have set up a shop on the platforms.

Looking at the blog posts that Sell The Trend features on their website, it seems like the platform is very easy to navigate. You can search for the type of products you want to sell, where those products will ship from and etc. Sell The Trend partners with AliExpress, to supply the items that you will sell on your store. Most of the suppliers on AliExpress are from China, but there are also suppliers from the United States and a few other countries.

I keep mentioning dropshipping but I haven’t really explained what that is. I apologize for that. I shouldn’t have assumed that everybody’s on the same page. Well, here goes. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where a third-party supplier, often a wholesaler, processes the orders for a product of theirs that you sell on your own shop and delivers them directly to your customers. You basically don’t have to spend any money with regards to inventory costs. And it lessens a bit of the load from you. Though, you are still the one that customers will complain to if the products they get aren’t satisfactory. So often times, you do still need to buy at least one product to test it’s working or feels high quality.

Even if you don’t sell those products directly to your customers, you do still need to consider shipping fees in how much you price your products. With most of the businesses that I have seen that utilizes dropshipping, the product that they sell are priced slightly higher than the what it’s listed on AliExpress. Mostly it’s a few dollars. So you can earn a decent bit of profits if you utilize dropshipping for your business.

For the most part, it seems like Sell The Trend is a fairly decent dropshipping platform from what I have seen. The products that they highlight look pretty decent. And they even feature weekly product highlights on their blog. So you know exactly what products are popular right now. That’s the thing about dropshipping though. Even if there are different niches when it comes to a business, you are probably likely to share some products with another business. So there’s definitely some very stiff competition among businesses.

The cost for Sell The Trend is either $39.97 for a monthly subscription or around $329 for a yearly subscription. I’ve already mentioned what kind of features you’ll get from joining the service. It does seem relatively worth the price for a subscription. The thing about any kind of business is that you should be willing to put some effort into it. While you don’t have to worry about inventory, you do have take into consideration how long the products will ship to your customers in pricing your products.

I’m okay with recommending this service to any who are interested in starting a dropshipping business. I do want to stress that you need to study up a bit regarding e-commerce practices. But there are resources about that that are available for free from numerous sources including Shopify and Sell The Trend.

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