The Don’t Settle Group Review (Travis Robertson)

Travis Robertson

Travis Robertson, founder of The Don’t Settle Group, mentions the pitfalls of other real estate coaching. Either the strategies they provide don’t work or they don’t provide any long lasting results. His coaching is none of that, apparently. According to him, his program has cutting edge strategies that are easy to understand and works in any market situation. They also have genuine love for their clients unlike the typical ones that don’t care. Scroll below to know more.

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To start, this coaching is not for you if you’re only looking for a side hustle. Sad to say, Travis listed in his site that anyone that’s only in it for such is not fit to work with them. That’s one of the three reasons you shouldn’t do any business with Travis and The Don’t Settle Group.

For number two, don’t bother if you’re aiming to get rich quick. There’s no such thing as easy here. Essentially, you still have to work hard to get good results. Knowing their strategies is not enough to succeed.

Number three, you also need to care about your clients as a real estate agent. Y’know, just like how The Don’t Settle Group loves their students (or so they claim). Being passionate in what you do and delivering quality results to your clients is a must. Else, you’re not ready to work with Travis and his team.

Don’t see yourself as the unwanted person on the reasons mentioned above? Are you also coachable, decisive, and resourceful? If you answer yes in both of these questions, then you’ll be a great fit for Travis’ coaching program.

Should you join his program, though? Personally, I’ll say no to this and I think you should too. Similar to how Travis presented the ones that aren’t ready for their coaching, I’ll also list down my reasons on why you should say no to this.

Reason number one, the cost to join is crazy expensive. TBH, I could end the discussion with this argument alone. I mean, the coaching costs $7,000. None of the DFY stuff or automation, whatsoever. $7,000 for teaching you their strategies and that’s it. This is without any refunds or warranties too, they made this clear on their terms and conditions.

Reason number two, their definition of being “coachable” is off putting. You’re not supposed to question what they preach because they know what works and they “don’t have time to argue.” Discouraging feedback is far from having genuine love if you ask me. It implies the following: Your opinion doesn’t matter to them and/or they’re too stubborn to update their coaching based on reviews because they think too highly of themselves. Or maybe, they just don’t care about providing quality coaching at all.

The Don't Settle Group Review

Reason number three, they’re luring you to join their program without thinking too much. This is them wanting you to become decisive and resourceful. They’ll tell you the industry moves way too fast so you need to act now, cough up the money they’re asking for right away, yada yada. It’s all BS. Like c’mon, the real estate industry ain’t going anywhere. Also, for them to push this narrative when they don’t offer any refunds is just shady af. Queue Star Wars Admiral Ackbar’s “it’s a trap!”

Reason number four, they’re offering coaching on a business model I can’t recommend. I don’t have any vendetta towards any real estate related biz, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not a viable and the wisest choice of business, especially for newbies, given the current situation globally. I’m talking about how real estate is not pandemic proof. Sure, we could see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel as the number of positive cases seems to be dwindling down. However, its effect on real estate is still there. Aside from things that directly affect real estate value such as decrease in house sales across the board, activities done by real estate agents to secure deals are still hard to do currently.

Ultimately, I don’t recommend Travis and The Don’t Settle Group. It’s too costly, IMO. Also, why settle for real estate at its low when there’s superior business models now that are up for grabs? Don’t be a martyr and choose what’s better for you.

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