Shadow Blitz Review (Lance Ippolito)

Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito, founder of the so-called Shadow Blitz, is allegedly an ex-hedge fund trader who trades to live and not the other way around. And by far, he had one of the best specialties among all the traders I’ve ever seen, and that is making large amounts of money in a short period of time. Whoever wrote that WealthPress bio – either Lance himself, Lance’s number one d*ckrida’, or a poor clueless intern – I would like to ask whatever TF they’re smoking and pass me some.

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They must be f*ckin’ high as a kite to think that they can spit some fantasy BS without people calling their bluff. Majority of people do call their bluff as the stench of their BS reeks from afar. Unfortunately, a few suckers have ignored all the major red flags and still sign up for Lance’s alert of Shadow Blitz. Don’t be like those few and read my review from top to bottom to see how obvious of a con Lance is – the stereotypical Florida man.

To start, the returns he’s pitching in the infamous Shadow Blitz ad is just too f*cking good to be true. It started with him asking a question: “If I gave you twenty five thousand dollars today, what would you do?” Quite frankly, what I’ll do is purchase a lifetime subscription of YouTube premium, so I’ll never see his ad, along with other gurus’ ads, ever again. I won’t miss any of y’all BS, despite being hilariously fake and all. Specifically, his BS here is turning a few thousand bucks to $24,480 profit in just 7 days.

You’ll not be given a map to find some treasure chest on the island where he’s doing the pitch. No, he won’t also advise you to rob a bank just like the guys from the Now You See Me movie. Instead, you’ll be doing “set-it-up-and-forget-it” options trades that don’t require any experience or market knowledge. “This shouldn’t even be possible, but trust me, it’s very real,” he says.

There’s no such thing as overnight success in options trades. None of the “big guys won’t tell you about” loopholes that you can take advantage of for very profitable returns. If there is, you won’t hear from Lance and his desperate plea to sell what is essentially a trading signal service alert. He’s either doing the trades himself or paid handsomely as an exclusive adviser by a legit billionaire trader if he’s telling the truth. But nope, he’s peddling his sh*t to gullible and probably close to being broke peeps that saved up their two grand with blood, sweat,and tears. The money is sadly on those who’s desperate to get rich quickly. To reiterate, there’s no “easy as one two three” money and risk-free trading that could earn you way past one million dollars in a year. Nada.

Shadow Blitz Review

Aside from the fact that he’s obviously capping, there’s no reason to trust a guy promising lucrative trades, but not registered in the SEC as an investment advisor. Simply put, he’s not even legally allowed to give a piece of his mind regarding trading. Also, don’t trust anyone like him preaching about managing billions of dollars in assets, but can’t manage to pick a decent haircut, something that won’t make him look like a hobo, for himself. Heck, the absurd claim is also debunked already as the company mentioned by Lance denied knowing him at all. Pfft. So, it’s  just him talking nonsense and pulling a story out of his ass, as usual. 

And to top it all off, I found out that his history as a self-proclaimed “legendary trader” is not even featured on any news site like NBC or Fox News. Instead, the only thing that comes up when you search for him, aside from his social media accounts, is from a website notorious for being frequented by gays looking at someone else’s junk. Not that I care about his sexuality (I really don’t), but only having THAT as a source of your identity  plus a muscle promotion site doesn’t add up and downright weird for any great trader (he’s not).

To conclude, I don’t recommend signing up for Lance’s weekly alert of Shadow Blitz that costs $1,997 a year or $2,497 for lifetime access. Mind you, options trading is already a fast way to lose your money if you’re not knowledgeable at it. But signing up for the alert just makes it even faster since you’re losing that two and a half grand upfront for nothing. Worse, he’ll continue to annoy you with upsells in your mail every so often as if draining your mullahs down the drain with Shadow Blitz isn’t enough.

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