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Shanda Sumpter claims that in just a span of sixty days, she can help you achieve that coveted financial freedom for yourself. The key here is having a good and effective launch strategy for any business that you may have. As they say, what’s the point of having the perfect product or service being offered, if no one’s going to buy it? Therefore, it’s crucial that any business owner should first build an audience who is actually interested in the product or service that you’re going to launch. And with her program called List Power Intensive, Shanda claims that she can help you with that concern.

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So how are you going to do that, you ask? The answer lies in your marketing leads and building your own list. As a certain well-known digital entrepreneur once said, “The money’s in the list.” But just because you have a very good following on various social media doesn’t even guarantee that many people will buy your products or offers. In fact, Shanda claims that she has encountered several people who needed her help for this purpose. They may have built great platforms, but they’re still quite unsuccessful in their business.

“So this should give you some relief. It’s not about this huge following online. Who are the buyers that you need to serve? Like who is it? Who do you wanna help? And then you build a product off what they want,” Shanda says as she explains further about the program. The program’s aim, she further notes, is to put entrepreneurs in the driver’s seat of controlling their own buyers’ list. It’s like going for the “Quality Over Quantity” approach. Make no mistake, however. It’s still very important to build a huge following on your business pages on social media to make your brand more visible. But what you really want for your business to flourish is to gather leads that are actually interested in buying a product and availing of your services. “Within sixty or ninety days, you could be in a situation that is completely different than the one you’re in right now. Honestly, real freedom,” says Shandra, mentioning the benefits of her program.

She further states that once you learn about the list-building strategies taught on List Power Intensive, you’ll be able to recover from any business setbacks that may happen. “If you took everything away from me and I had to start all over, if you deleted my email list? I know how to create it in the next sixty days. That’s freedom to me. Nobody can take that knowledge away from you. That’s freedom. You want that.”

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As a final pitch for her program, Shanda closes with this statement for her ad, “Let me coach you. I know what you need. You do not need a product at this point. You don’t even need to know what your message is. You could be completely confused because in the List Power program, I’m gonna show you how to put all those pieces together. You don’t even need a website. I haven’t used my website for ten years because they don’t even make money. And so the point is that, I wanna show you how to build this and build this right.”

The List Power Intensive contains the usual inclusions that you can expect from an online training program. There’s the course itself composed of several modules, weekly coaching calls, case study videos, and some free downloadable templates. Here, you’ll learn several things related to improving your business, like how to build a buyers’ list fast, how to do contracts with customers and clients, how to do all the tech or even just clone Shanda’s own landing pages, how to create a product that actually sells, using paid Facebook ads, and more. The lessons contained here are suitable for just about any business model that needs buyers. Doesn’t matter if you’re in real estate or you’re a coach or consultant or just browsing the internet, looking for a side hustle you can do from home. As long as you need buyers, this is for you.

The cost is $50. There’s also a one-week money-back guarantee. It may sound cheap, but since Shanda also owns an educational company called HeartCore Business, expect plenty of upsells for this high-ticket program. Probably costing thousands of dollars or more. For me, the pitch is nice, but I’m getting this feeling that the List Power Intensive course is just a frontend for Shanda’s HeartCore Business. Therefore, don’t expect much training and expect constant nagging for their upsells.

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