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Shawn Sharma Review

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Shawn Sharma is living the life that many of us have always been dreaming and wishing that we had. Traveling around the world, eating at expensive restaurants, and even meeting famous people, he seems to have done it all. Yet he claims that you can also achieve all of these if you join his Inner Circle program. But you should read this Shawn Sharma review first and we’ll let you be the judge.

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“Rich people take risks. If you want to get ahead, if you want to get rich, if you want to have a great life, you’ve got to take risks.” This is what Shawn keeps on telling, as he tries to eat a pufferfish in a Japanese restaurant. He tells further that pufferfish is 1,200 times more poisonous than even cyanide if you eat the wrong part of it, and he relates it to how the rich and the super-smart are constantly taking risks. At the end of the video, he then tells you to take the risk as well, and sign up for his own mentorship program.

A little bit about Shawn Sharma: According to his bio, he claims to have made seven figures worth of income using credit cards for arbitrage (manufactured spending) and has a number of online businesses under his belt. As leveraging credit cards is something that he’s very good at, he also runs a credit repair and funding agency and teaches students how to start and excel at credit repair and funding. He also offers a course on how you can implement some “travel hacks” to your credit card so you can travel around the world, virtually for free.

His Inner Circle program delves into several topics like such as branding, content strategy, client acquisition, business model design, tax loopholes, personal credit, business credit, travel hacking, manufactured spending and credit card arbitrage, quick money-making deals and strategies, passive income investment opportunities, credit repair, funding, and even entrepreneurship. While this may sound a lot for you, the bottom line is that the Inner Circle teaches you all of the methods that Shawn Sharma and his colleagues have used to make themselves rich, while being able to enjoy the life that they wanted.

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Indeed, Shawn himself places so much value on building his brand, that he even practices it. For example, he’s been covered in a ton of online business publications. Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN, even ABC News. As long as it’s related to business, he’s there. However, a common accusation is that all of those features are actually paid for by him, presumably in an effort to make him look good and legitimate. In my own opinion, paying to get featured may not be the best way to build your brand. If your reputation is good, then these news outlets will see your value, and you don’t even have to pay them for you to get featured. Indeed, Shawn paying other online publications to get himself featured has gotten quite bad, that it even resulted in a Forbes contributor getting banned because of these paid articles.

So the gist of it is this: I don’t really see myself trusting Shawn Sharma or any of his programs. It may seem like he’s enjoying the finer things in life like fancy restaurants or cars, and even flexing his own crypto investments just to make himself look rich (which could be legitimate, or not.). But there’s this feeling that he’s just trying to fake it until he makes it. It’s also not helping that he teaches some things that are seemingly contradictory to what he’s trying to promote. Like he’s saying that an exotic car is just a material thing and it doesn’t make you a better person. Yet he always parades around his expensive stuff and seemingly tells you that he’s “the better guy” because he can afford these luxuries. Which then, of course, will then lead you to his offers for his programs so that you could experience his life. His YouTube and Instagram accounts do offer some inspirational advice coming from him, but it still doesn’t give any justice to his online programs to be worth it. IMHO, I’m not going to spend $1,000, especially $3,000, on someone who tells you that you can just bribe someone just so you’ll be able to get a loan for your new car.

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