Shed Academy Review (John Fealy)

Shed Academy

John Fealy, founder of Shed Academy, has been building sheds for over fifteen years now and you know what, it’s not something you hear everyday. You’ll expect him, a skilled handyman, to be working on bathroom projects, renovating someone else’s kitchen, and the likes. But nah, he prefers building sheds instead. “I’m uncomfortable being involved in ripping people’s houses apart,” he admits. Now, he’s comfortable AND making big money. What’s with his Shed Academy, then? I’ll answer below.

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Shed Academy, as the name implies, is a training program on how to start your own profitable shed business. And John, the one behind the program, calls himself a professional shed builder. Is he? Right away, I’ll answer you with yes, I do think that he’s an actual pro and as legit as it gets. Why, he got sauce to his own shed building biz and he’s not afraid to drop it.

Check it out yourself by typing “Ready Shed Bohemia NY” and voila, the first thing on the search result is his business’ website. He got photos, he got testimonials, he got directions to his workshop… he really got it all. Safe to say, he’s not faking it unlike your bitch last night (sorry). And yeah, I’d give him a pass on having a vintage looking website. Dude is old too and probably busy making sheds. Or maybe, he’s busy coaching, either of the two. At least he makes an effort to rank that website first on Google.

That being said, I don’t think Shed Academy is just a John Fealy scam. He walks the talk, and he got lotta years under his belt that’ll make him a qualified shed building coach. However, he and his Academy being legit doesn’t automatically mean that the program is a worthy investment. Is it worth it or is it not? Most importantly, is shed building a good business model for you?

To answer that, let’s take a look at John’s Shed Academy first. For the core training, you’ll get an eight-week course that’ll give you everything you need in starting your own shed building biz. “I cover every aspect of the shed building business that’ll get you going fast and profitable,” says John.

Each week, you get one module and in total, you get eight modules (quick maffs, duh). The first four modules for weeks one to four are titled as follows: The Foundation Of Profit Building, How To Sell Sheds And All The Tools, The Materials Needed To Build Big Profits, and The Secret Jigs That 10X Our Building Speed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the modules for weeks five to eight are the following: How To Build Perfect Doors Every Time, One Day Pro Shed Layout And Framing, The Details Make All The Difference, and Finish It Up And Get Paid Big Time. Eight modules, eight weeks, eighty five step-by-step videos in total.

You’ll get the said core training plus 120 pages of plans, material cut lists, material cost guide, complete tool list, and access to a private Facebook on Shed Academy’s Shed Business Masterclass that cost $497 for single payment. For the monthly “EZ-Pay” option, it’ll cost three payments of $199.

Shed Academy Review

If you somehow need more help like one-on-one coaching calls with John, you can opt on buying Shed Academy’s Complete Package that costs $1,297 for single payment or $249 for six monthly payments. Finally, there’s a dealership offer at $3,490 where you can get all the perks of the complete package plus the permission to use all of John’s branding.

So far, I’m liking the masterclass offer. It’s affordable and probably enough training to get you started. I mean, I say it’s enough because I assume that the one getting it has some experience on doing carpentry themselves or has the knack for it. That said, I can recommend the business model if you know what you’re doing and you got ‘em tools and clients ready.

On the contrary, if you’re not confident enough with your handyman skills, then I’ll suggest otherwise just to be safe. The biz is quite risky as you may end up investing lots of your time on learning the thang, and money on pricey tools and materials for nothing. Like seriously, it’s not as simple as hammering pieces of wood together and you’re done. In other words, coaching can’t (effectively) teach you skills, unfortunately.

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