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Some people earn money just by doing videos on the internet. Sounds crazy, right? You’d think that movies and television shows were the places you need to be for people to see your work. It’s still a viable industry to be in, there’s no questioning. But it is hard to get instant notoriety from being a scene for just a few seconds. With so many platforms online where you can monetize being on camera, it’s hard to choose the perfect place to make videos. YouTube is still really viable when it comes to monetization. And that’s where Shoenice made his claim to fame.

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Shoenice, or Christopher Schewe, started his career doing videos online when his son made him a YouTube channel in 2008. The platform was still in its early stages by then. But it was becoming more well known. Shoenice, being the dad that he is, didn’t really know what YouTube was. But when he heard it was a place you upload videos on, he did exactly that. It wasn’t until people who knew him from high school started telling him to do videos based on what he did during those times. And he did exactly that. He soon started doing videos where he eats random things for fun.

You might be kind of surprised to find out that that is what his niche is. I was too. Most of the YouTubers I was familiar with did vlogs where they just talked about their lives. Some even did funny music videos. But a person who eats a bunch of things that aren’t normally eaten was new to me. The early years of YouTube was a really weird place. This shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Chris Schewe’s penchant for eating weird things started as a way to stop his fellow middle schoolers from bullying him. The same people who bullied him became his friends in high school. Life went on. And he was then enlisted in the military in the early ’90s to aid in the war. That’s when he started using that ability to try and affect change. In 2013, Vice made a documentary about his journey to end world hunger. In that same documentary, he mentioned that he left his family because he wanted to pursue YouTube full-time.

in 2018, his original YouTube channel was terminated due to a change of the platform’s policies. All of his videos were gone. At the time, he had an estimated net worth of $250,000. But he did have the great idea, like most YouTubers do, of making a second channel along the way. That second channel became his primary channel ever since. It’s very hard to actually build an audience for a niche genre like this. But Shoenice’s channel has managed to get more than 170 thousand subscribers. That’s not an easy feat.

It is hard trying to maintain a YouTube channel in this current digital landscape. In his original channel, Shoenice racks up a million views in his videos. Nowadays, his videos only get tens of thousands of views. And that’s a problem that a lot of more niche YouTubers face. How exactly do you evolve within the changing landscape while also keeping your roots intact?

But with a lot of stories coming about regarding Shoenice behavior, all mentioned in a video made by SunnyV2, maybe it was just karma. Maybe people just got bored with it. Shoenice made a last resort. He went to Cameo, a platform where you can request personalities to make a personalized video for you for a few dollars. In the platform, you can get a video from him for at least $10.

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