The Millionaire Shortcut Review (Jeff Lerner)

Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner believes that the best way to become a millionaire is to copy methods of other millionaires. In his The Millionaire Shortcut, he encourages you to follow his method coined “shortcut” to replicate his success. His mentality goes like this: if he was able to become a successful entrepreneur of multi-million companies from being bankrupt and homeless in 2018 with the shortcut, why can’t you? Is it that easy to become a millionaire? Read this The Millionaire Shortcut Review to learn more.

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The Millionaire Shortcut is a 15-page eBook written by Jeff Lerner, a self-professed broke jazz musician turned successful entrepreneur with over $100 million in online sales, that directs you to a high-ticket program called Entre Institute.  You will be able to receive this eBook free of charge if you provide your name and email address immediately (limited time promotion).

In this eBook, Jeff details how terrible his financial situation before. He talked about his failed ventures, having $400,000 in debt, and losing his house. According to him, he was able to get a mentor during these dire times that help him in his financial troubles and guide him to create the “shortcut” that made him a millionaire. He then encouraged you to have this mentor relationship with him by following the shortcut. By following the shortcut means you must join Entre institute. The bottomline is the eBook did not include any particular business model but just a promotion for Entre Institute.

Meanwhile, Entre Institute is basically an affiliate program created by Jeff that offers training bundles and coaching on affiliate marketing. The flagship course listed in their site includes Entre Blueprint Training where Jeff himself will allegedly share the 3 most profitable online business models he claims as responsible for 90% of the wealth being created online today. The said models are also marketed as beginner friendly and does not require any tech skills nor business experience to utilize. The Entre Blueprint along with bonuses such as personal business advisor, Awesome Life Challenge, and membership to Entre Nation Community is valued at $199 but only retails for $39.

The basic course is just a front-end of a sales funnel, however. The program will offer you a lot of upsells that they deem necessary for the full experience. Upsells such as Entre Digital course, Entre coaching, access to Entre Nation Elite, and membership to Entre Inner Circle can cost you up to $47,381 for the first year and up to $45,345 for the succeeding years.

For the affiliate aspect of the program, signing up on their course means you must be an affiliate of Entre Institute to earn commission. The product to sell as an affiliate is the Entre Institute program itself. This is a bad model of an affiliate program since you do not have a choice of product to sell.

The Millionaire Shortcut Review

In summary, this business is full of red flags. Requiring your contact information just to access their marketing brochure in The Millionaire Shortcut and using the info to create their email marketing list (aka them sending you unwanted email full of ads) is a very questionable ploy to start. Even the limited time offer in their promotion is not true and just another scarcity marketing tactic. There are also concerns on the quality of their course given how badly structured their affiliate program is. In fact, there are numerous reviews saying that the course is just a bunch of motivational speeches rather than an actual training.  Add the hidden upsells within the program, the phantom markdowns, and its absurd cost, then it is safe to say that it is better to steer away from the program.

Jeff Lerner is not a very reputable person either. He has a history of promoting companies that have been shut down by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to financial fraud.  He also had a lot of past programs like My Hidden Pages and 6 Steps To Freedom that are reviewed as scummy get rich quick junk. To conclude, there is a low chance that you will be a millionaire by buying an overpriced course from a guy with questionable past.

There is no sufficient evidence to say that Jeff Lerner and his Entre Institute is a scam. However, a program like Jeff’s that employs a lot of deceptive practices is not worth your time and money.  It is possible to earn a million with a good business model, but it is not through Jeff’s.

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