Billy Gene is just another “shot” of Billy Gene to sell you his 30 Days of Geneius. He swear, it’s not some MLM, get rich quick sh*t, or pyramid scheme. “This is about learning a real skill set,” he adds. Means you’ll be good at marketing… so damn good at it that you can easily make a sale with zero brand, zero team, and zero clue of what to even sell. Should you sign up? I’ll answer below.

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Normally, you’ll have to part with your name and email to see what’s on the other side of Essentially, it’s a squeeze page, plain and simple. Not much info in it, just a promise of some money-making opportunity he’ll do himself delivered in a nine minutes and sixteen seconds video. Dude’s stating an exact time as if he’s talking about a ticking bomb.

I guess Billy being suspiciously specific here is none of my business. I mean, it’s sus and actually inaccurate, but that doesn’t really mean sh*t. What he says on the video is what really matters, anyway. So, that’s what we’ll talk about, um-kay? Don’t worry, there’s no need for you to get “squeezed” here. I got you covered with ‘em deets. You’re welcome.

Billy repeats that you don’t need much on the business opportunity he’ll share today. A brain, laptop, and cellphone are enough. But first, you have to stop calling it money, and instead, go with TP. What’s TP? “Not toilet paper which is a hot commodity right now,” dude quips (also hinting how outdated the video is), “but you’ll call it TP for trading power.”

Billy adds that when you have something valuable to trade, you’ll make more cash. And when you’ve got a shortage of money right now, you’re actually rather short on TP because you don’t know what to trade in exchange for money. The best way to get that TP? Solve other people’s problems, says him. The bigger the problem, the better (that’s what she said).

I’m pretty sure this is not MLM, but dude pulled a big cringe from there. The bloody acronym obviously, what else? In particular, the word is MUST which stands for massive problem, unique solution, starving market, and timing. Pretty self-explanatory until the T which simply refers to using current trends to your advantage. All of that boils down to his suggestion of business opportunity: Selling to business owners.

Why sell to them? Well, according to Billy, these fellas are willing to pay lots of money if you can be the person that brings them customers. If you know how to bring them that, then you have something valuable to trade. That’s it, that’s your TP, ladies and gents. The question that remains is how’d you do that?

The answer: It’s what Billy used to bring you here at— through simple Facebook ads. Set ‘em up for businesses, so you can get ‘em customers. If you know how to do that, the businesses will love you because, well, they need those customers to thrive too. Get ‘em paid and get paid. Reviews

The only thing you’re missing to be able to do that is skillset, something that you can apparently get from his 30 Days of Geneius. Here, he’ll send you a short five-minute video every single day for thirty days. A video telling you what exactly to do, who to sell to, and exactly what to say. This offer that starts by coughing your deets on costs one time payment of $60. In addition, you can also purchase an upsell in Geneius Sales Hack Pack on top of that for $49.95.

It’s affordable, but I’d advise not paying for it. Here’s why: One, why pay for this when you can get the same info for zero cost. Nuff said. Two, I don’t recommend messing with Facebook ads. It’s much more complicated than what Billy says, save yourself from the headache. Three, Billy’s way of presenting things might annoy you. If going off tangents, making unnecessary jokes, or playing around with cheesy visual effects aren’t your cuppa tea, then don’t sign up for this or any of his offers.

Most importantly, don’t pay for it because Billy is notorious for fraudulent charges. A disappointed client of his states that they only bought one twenty dollar course— nothing more, nothing less— yet Billy and his Billy Gene Is Marketing company “have since kept charging my credit card, for items I didn’t sign up for.” How about f*ck NO to that?

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