Dylan Sigley Review (Drop Servicing Blueprint)

Dylan Sigley

Dylan Sigley is not a quitter. At least that’s what he implies over an Instagram post. To him, giving up means accepting your defeat without a fight. That’s loser mentality, something that prevents one from achieving success. It’s not over ‘til it’s over, amirite? No wonder he’s still trying to make deadshipping, er, dropshipping work— well, not really that but a similar business model in drop servicing. Let’s see how it works out for him. Review below.

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What even is drop servicing? I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it other than compare it to what we already know— the good ‘ol dropshipping, what else? After all, I’m the one who mentioned how they’re somewhat similar. Not the same, but alike.

Simply put, drop servicing is like dropshipping for services. It’s in the name itself! Same principle as dropshipping, you profit from selling a thing [physical products for dropshipping, service for drop servicing] but don’t do the fulfillment yourself. The service is carried out by someone else with overall wages lower than your ‘selling’ price for the profit margin.

As a drop servicer [is that even a term?], you identify your niche. Could be copywriting, web design, social media management, graphics design, and the likes. Something for the ever-changing digital landscape, essentially. That’s what you’ll sell under your brand.

While the freelancers are the ones who’ll do whatever you’ll sell, they won’t interact with the client. They shouldn’t keep in touch at all, ‘cause the drop servicing person in the middle won’t make sense anymore. The transaction is between you [the drop servicer] and the client, and you and the freelancers. ‘Cause f*ck triangles, I guess.

But seriously, the clients only see you. They don’t care that much about the means of how they’ll get their service. Most of the time, just give them what they paid for, and it’s done— you got one, happy customer. But getting quality work is easier said than done, so you gotta be smart in hiring and managing your freelancers as well.

Here’s where Dylan and his Drop Servicing Blueprint enter the fold. They’ll give you a step-by-step process to be smart in the drop servicing game, get your first sales, reinvest those sales back into your business, and scale to your target income.

That’s what Dylan claims they do in their free webinar. But my gosh, the very gurufied presentation of his is already grinding my gears a minute in.

He’s spitting lotta buzzwords, empty promises, and vague fluff that don’t tell us anything, as if he’s trying to hit a BS quota. Somehow, this is also DFY where you’ll keep 100% of the profit? I beg your pardon?!

Ignoring allat for the sake of this review, Dylan mentions how you’ll sell “boring, everyday digital” services without doing it yourself [duh]. No need for knowledge, skills, or experience from ya.

He also says that it’s easy, fast, and free. Like, sh*t is obviously not free if you think about the website cost, the place where you’ll sell your service. Hell, this Drop Servicing Blueprint course he’s telling everyone and their grandmas as a must-have is not free either. Specifically, the price is a one-time payment of $1,497 or four payments of $497.

I’m not a fan of Dylan after that webinar, that’s for sure. The way he acts so smug for lowballing people… FOH, brah. I won’t recommend y’all to learn from him regardless of whether the business model is viable or not. But hey, it’s not that viable either.

With sites like Upwork and Fiverr, it’s easier for clients to just outsource themselves. Cut the middleman and get freelancers to work directly under them. In this economy, everyone is encouraged to pinch pennies. That spells doom for drop servicing.

Dylan Sigley Review

It’s not that drop servicing will be completely phased out. It’s just that people are more willing to do the hiring themselves because platforms make it so convenient nowadays.

The management part is another thing, but again, desperate times call for desperate measures. But yes, admittedly, not everyone is that desperate to risk a potential headache from managing people residing on the other side of the globe.

It could be tough with the time zone differences, language barriers, and the likes. Gotta respect those who want none of that and would rather protect their inner peace instead. And I mean, do you even want to deal with such yourself? Just asking the important questions.

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