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Show business is a very difficult industry to consistently get work in. A lot of actors still audition for roles even if they are relatively known. Sometimes they just want to try out a role that they haven’t done before. It’s hard to rid yourself of being type casted into one role. If it pays the bills, I guess it’s hard to complain. But still, actors do tend to want to stretch out their acting muscles from time to time. It’s just fun trying to get yourself doing something that you haven’t really done all that much. Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air.

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I’m not really all that familiar with most of the work that I could see on Cynthia Sikes Yorkin’s IMDB page. The names sound vaguely familiar but they definitely aren’t shows or movies that I have watched. With so many different television series and movies being released either locally or internationally, sometimes there are just certain projects that don’t get a wider release. That’s often the struggle with a lot of titles made prior to the popularity of streaming services. It doesn’t really help that even now, they don’t seem to put most of the pre-2000s stuff on streaming services for younger generations to watch.

There isn’t really much that could be found about Cynthia’s life growing up. That seems to be the case for a lot of the personalities that I write about. There’s very few details you can get from more reputable sources. And that’s all good and fine. Not everybody is interested to tell people about all of the details about their life. You get pieces here and there from various interviews. But they rarely paint a bigger picture of what their life was like prior to the thing that they work on now.

Prior to her acting career, Cynthia was a beauty queen. Specifically, she was Miss Kansas in 1972. Around the same time, she went to college. I have seen a lot of people juggle being a pageant contestant and being a student. While being a student, she joined the Miss America pageant. National pageants seem more cutthroat that the local ones. You’re basically representing your state in the Miss America pageant. That’s a really big deal. She managed to win the preliminary swimsuit competition and be part of the top 10. That’s not something to scoff at.

Aside from joining a pageant, she was also invited to be part of a USO show organized by Bob Hope to help entertain the people assigned overseas. Those two experiences sort of nudged Cynthia into a different career path. When she came back from doing the show, she decided to shift to another college to study journalism. But eventually she moved to California to pursue a career in acting. Journalism to acting is such a large jump. But sometimes it doesn’t really have to make sense.

Like a lot of actors, she started her work in the theater. She managed to get a scholarship at the American Conservatory Theater where she played a lot of different roles in different plays. That lead her to making her Broadway debut in the Stephen Sondheim musical “Into the Woods.” The jump from the theater to the small screen made some sense, to be honest. You can really only go through the same hoops as actor. Jumping from the Broadway to Hollywood is a lot more common than the reverse.

She was getting a bit of work in guest spots on television. It really takes a while to get your foot in the door when it comes to Hollywood. Though I guess it also applies to Broadway. It was until she got in the medical drama St. Elsewhere that she had a steady job. She was on the show for about four seasons. Along the way she also started to get cast in a bunch of movies. Most of them I haven’t really heard of.

Most of her work afterwards were back to guest spots. She was somehow one of the producers of Blade Runner 2049 that released in 2017. It’s no wonder she has a net worth of $25,000,000. It’s not unusual for actors to become producers. I feel like it’s sort of normal for actors nowadays to become producers of other people’s stuff. You’re mainly putting money into the production instead of acting in it. Though there are those that do both for the same project.

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