Simple System Access Review (Josh Snyder)

Josh Snyder

Josh Snyder believes that everyone deserves a stress-free retirement. This is the reason he created Simple System Access so you can learn from him on how he managed to turn his life around from being a struggling traveling salesman after retirement from air force to a work-from-home entrepreneur that earns at least $160,000 a month. Flexing a receipt of his earnings in a YouTube ad, this begs the question – Is Josh Snyder and Simple System Access legitimate? Read this review to find out.

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Simple System Access is an affiliate program that directs you to a high ticket program called The Marketing Blueprint. Sounds familiar? If you have seen the review on The Prosperity Warrior, it sure is since they direct you to the same blueprint. The program’s founder also had connections directly to Marc Wilson since they co-authored a book titled The Digital Veteran Blueprint.

“How a road warrior sleeping in hotels 5 nights a week quits his job within 6 months, and is now working from home banking $5,484.46 plus per day,” is displayed prominently in the site giving a brief description of its founder Josh Snyder. You are required to enter your contact information first such as your name, email address, and phone number for you to access the landing page where you sign-up for the program. In the landing page, you will be subjected to watch a video with a similar script to The Prosperity Warrior video.

Similar to Marc, Josh claims to be a retired air force soldier who had post-retirement financial struggles. He tried being a traveling salesman (hence, sleeping in hotels 5 nights a week) but never earned a lot until he discovered Simple System Access. Since then, he quit being a traveling salesman and works full-time using his system. To complete the sign-up, a representative from the program will try to call you. Promotional emails that are borderline spammy and annoying will also be sent to your email address. Overall, the sign up in this program means you sign up to The Marketing Blueprint.

If you sign up, you will need to choose which package you will purchase from The Marketing Blueprint. The said package determines the amount of commission you will receive for successful referrals. To start, the gold package costs $3,247 and grants you $1,500 every referral. Next is platinum which costs $7,447 and grants $3,500 every referral.

Diamond level, on the other hand, costs $14,647 and grants $7,000 referral fee. Finally, the most premium tier called royal costs $21,847 and grants $10,500 as commission for every successful referral. All of the packages come with training materials on marketing (e.g. how Josh created the promotional video you watched on the landing page, scripts, etc.). There are also Private Label Rights (PLR) products included that you can sell.

Simple System Access Review

Unfortunately, the choice of package is just an illusion. There are a lot of restrictions on lower tier packages such as limits on number of referrals and inability to get commissions from referrals that bought a package higher than your own. Regardless, all of the packages are already overpriced but the program will try its hardest to sell you the most expensive one.

The PLR products included in the program are also outdated and very hard to sell. If you want to own one, you can check websites that offer them at a more affordable price. With that being said, the only way for you to actually earn through this program is through referrals. Such business is very unsustainable and downright illegal. It is illegal as it fits the criteria of a pyramid scheme, only earning from recruiting other people in the program rather than earning from selling an actual good or services.

In conclusion, do not invest your hard-earned money on this pyramid scheme in disguise. Josh Snyder is not legitimate at all and probably just a fake internet persona. It is already bad to lure people on financial fraud but this program along with The Prosperity Warrior takes it to a higher level by primarily targeting army veterans and retired army soldiers. This is confirmed by having the programs led by a make-believe navy in Marc and an airforce officer in Josh. The worst you can do to individuals who have served for years to maintain the welfare and peace of the country is to pretend to be their comrade but letting them down because you are nothing but a con artist trying to steal their retirement money.

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