Simply Success Academy Review

There seems to be an abundance of different e-commerce courses out there on the internet. A lot of different e-commerce gurus have created their own courses based on their area of expertise. But with so many of them being available, often with overlapping topics, it’s difficult for people to find the best one. Sometimes having too many choices makes it difficult to choose, as weird as it sounds.

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Simply Success Academy is an online education platform founded by Jimmy Bennett. There is very little to be known about Jimmy based on the biography that he has on his website. You will mostly see photos of him wearing fairly similar looking outfits: a cap, a silver chain a T-shirt, shorts, Nike socks and white shoes or sandals. The photos exude the vibe that, oh, this dude might have money. There is very little content that you can get on the homepage. “Life is for the living. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” is written in one of the sections. And I don’t really know what that means exactly.

A common thing that I’ve noticed is that people like Jimmy would often be mentioned in press releases in a bunch of different websites. One of those press releases surprisingly has some amount of detail pertaining to Jimmy’s path to success. Jimmy spent most of his later teen years without a home. There isn’t much detail about his family life. His life story basically starts at 15 when he dropped out of high school. He apparently dropped out because he was suspended for selling candy at school. He spent almost a decade jumping between jobs and cities just to make ends meet. Fortunately, an uncle of his offered him to live in his garage. Eventually he went to community college to study.

There’s still so little to be known at how exactly Jimmy achieved enough success to start an e-commerce educational platform. Normally, people with some amount of success in e-commerce would go to a place like YouTube to share how they got successful. People like Tan Choudhury or Jon Penberthy are willing to share their expertise while also providing paid online courses related to their expertise. I scrolled through his Instagram and I guess he has multiple revenue streams? He does speaking gigs, he does e-commerce, and even crypto & forex trading. But there’s no concrete information how exactly he got to this point his life. You have to pay for it before they tell you.

Looking at the website, Simply Success Academy is doing a lot of things. It’s mainly a platform that will teach you the things you need to know in order to be successful in different industries. This platform will teach you everything you need to know about e-commerce, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange and stock trading. They’re also somehow a travel agency? One of the benefits that you get for paying them a monthly fee of either $99, $149 and $599—depending on the tier you want to get—is that you can get discounts on booking through a proprietary platform? And there’s flight insurance involved too, somehow?

I’m not really sure that any of the perks included in any of those tiers are worth it, especially if you’re just starting out on your e-commerce, trading, or crypto journey. You have to remember that you are paying at least $99 to learn from the platform. There are also a lot of costs that are involved in actually starting in any of those fields. You are likely better off learning some of the basics regarding those topics on YouTube.

It’s just hard to recommend Simply Success Academy. There’s probably a ton that you could learn from this platform. But I don’t think that it’s worth the monthly fee of at least $99 for it. The website doesn’t really reveal much of what exactly their courses entail. The other benefits don’t really make a lot of sense for what should mainly be an educational platform. Like, why would you think about travelling before you start a business? There really is no reason for those features to be on the website. Jimmy has a bunch of other ventures. And one of the overlaps with this one.

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