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30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer’s main singing teacher Camille Van Niekerk asserts that anyone can improve their singing skills with their course. In a promotional video, she implies that you don’t need to be born with a powerful voice like Beyonce nor have the “perfect pitch” like Charlie Puth to be a  confident singer. “Inside everyone is a beautiful voice waiting to come out, all you need is the right training,” one of her co-teachers added. Is 30 Day Singer the right training for you, then? Find out below.

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There’s no guarantee you’ll be a Grammy award-winning artist once you sign up for 30 Day Singer. That’s a tall claim to ask for especially when a lot of great artists don’t have one. Remember having this lovey-dovey vibes when singing along Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream? Or Maybe, you’ve gone through the phase of screeching like a damn goat when trying to belt out Sia’s Chandelier, are you? I’ve been there, personally. My main point is both of those iconic singers have none of those Grammy’s. Nada.

Instead of coming up with bold promises, 30 Day Singer has a simple assurance for you. As implied by its name, they guarantee results as fast as 30 days. If you don’t see any dramatic improvement within 30 days, they’ll refund your money right away. No questions asked.

So, how will 30-Day Singer make you a confident singer? A chunk of the voice lessons is through online video modules, lots of them. The modules are divided as follows: beginner courses, advanced courses, singing tricks and techniques, and warm-ups and vocal health.

For the beginner courses, you’ll start learning the basics on how to sing properly with a 30 Day Beginner Course series of videos. Things like improving your posture and breathing, vocal anatomy, and cord compression are taught here. Don’t worry about your stage fright too as there’s a module that teaches how to overcome that. Neat!

Once you’re done with the basics, you’ll be learning more in-depth technical knowledge with the 30 Day Singer course, an extended training of the beginner course. Here, you’ll learn about the following topics: identifying your exact vocal range, major and minor scales, singing and strumming rhythms, actual song training, smoothing out vocal breaks, scales and scale degrees, vibrato, arpeggio and swing rhythms,  vocal agility, and pentatonic and blues scales.

The rest of the training, except for the warm-ups and vocal health, is for intermediate singers. If you have interest in singing classical, country, R & B, A Capella, or Pop, then you’ll probably love the course. But why? Well, they included a “how to sing” series of videos for those music genres.

Finally, the warm-ups and vocal health section talks about how to preserve the pristine quality of your voice. This includes teaching the proper warm-ups for your needs since there’s a difference between the warm-ups you need daily compared to the ones before actual performance. You’ll also get lessons on how to avoid bad vocal technique and vocal strain.

All of that training videos plus access to 30 Day Singer’s forum and one-on-one session with some select coaches for a monthly payment of $29.95 or an annual payment of $129. 

30 Day Singer Review

Unless you can finish the whole thing in four months or less, I recommend snagging the more bang for your buck option in annual payment if you’re buying this. Don’t forget to use the coupon code “SAVE20” too for a 20% off on your first purchase.

So, do I recommend this course? It depends, really. If you’re looking to improve your voice because singing is your passion, then go for it. The pricing is fair if you stick with the course materials, cheaper even than face-to-face local singing lessons, and you can try it first with their 14-day trial to see if it’s for you. This is the right training for you if you also like virtual lessons that you can access on your pc or phone via their site anytime and anywhere. And most importantly, this is for you if you have enough motivation to do your lessons daily without the accountability check you’ll typically get from local vocal coaches.

If you’re looking to make a career out of it, as in make a decent income through it, then I’ll advise you to look the other way. Improving your singing skills and being a confident singer doesn’t necessarily translate to earning with it. Definitely a no for me as a side hustle as the grind to have the quality of voice that pays bills is frickin’ hard.

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