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Mike Vestial, as befitting his self-imposed title of “The Mad Scientist” when it comes to making passive income online, is no stranger when it comes to finding and promoting various methods to achieve that. He is well known for his Internet Lifestyle Academy, a training program that teaches people how you can earn a lot of money online through dropshipping. Now he’s back with another moneymaking opportunity for you to try, and it now revolves around a different method: Affiliate Marketing. So how does this stack up to the others? Is this going to be worth your money? Let’s find out.

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Mike Vestil himself is a name that may be quite familiar to most of you. After all, he’s well known for his own YouTube channel, wherein he discusses a variety of topics that cover various methods of making money online. From dropshipping, affiliate marketing, side hustle ideas, even things like crypto investments and whatnot. He also calls himself a “digital nomad“, because he’s always seen going on vacations to various places in the world, and he claims that even though he’s on vacation, he’s still earning money passively through his online businesses.

As stated before, Mike Vestil is known for his Internet Lifestyle Academy online training program. But today, he’s promoting a different online training program that promises to teach you a “Silver Lining” method that can allow you to earn ten dollars a day, and you can grow it to a hundred dollars a day, then a thousand dollars a day, and even more. The online course that he’s talking about is Profit Singularity, an affiliate marketing training course.

Contrary to what you may be thinking right now, Mike Vestil isn’t the creator of Profit Singularity. Rather, the honor goes to Gerry Cramer, apparently one of Mike’s mentors. Not much is really known about Gerry, such as his online presence, credentials, and whatnot. But he is known to have an extensive history of launching many affiliate marketing programs. And like Mike Vestil himself, he currently lives in Bali, Indonesia, and has big claims of his students making $100K+ per month within months of getting mentorship from him. He seems to be quite an authority in affiliate marketing, though. But anyway, on to what the program is about.

The Profit Singularity training program is an online course that teaches people how you can earn money through affiliate marketing. Specifically, it revolves around one thing: ClickBank. The idea is that you’re going to find products to promote on ClickBank, use various marketing methods to promote the product, and then you’re going to earn a commission whenever someone purchases the product you’re promoting using your link.

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Inside the Profit Singularity course, you’ll be taught various topics related to affiliate marketing and ClickBank. One example is what products on ClickBank you’re going to want to promote. ClickBank contains a variety of products from different niches, but some of the more popular ones come from the health and wellness niche, as well as other online courses related to the making money online niche.

The other topics deal with some marketing and promotion strategies you may use for your affiliate products. Like how you can create a landing page to collect your leads, set up your e-mail autoresponders, and more. But one of the highlights of Profit Singularity is the traffic training. Here, you’ll be taught how you can drive traffic to your affiliate links using paid ads. Specifically, YouTube ads.

As if that isn’t enough, there are also various bonuses like ad templates, website templates, scripts, and email swipes that you can simply download and copy to assist you with your affiliate marketing campaign. These bonuses claim to be thoroughly tested to work with any niche, which aims to eliminate some of the work for you in setting up your website.

The Profit Singularity online course costs a one-time payment of $2,500. Alternatively, you can pay it in three monthly installments worth $997 each. But personally, I’d hate to recommend an online course like this to anyone. And for several reasons. First, most (but not all) of the products you’re going to promote on ClickBank are technically crap. You’re basically fooling people if you’re going to offer it to them. Second, paid ads are very expensive. And if your offers aren’t meeting the number of sales that you needed to profit, the paid ads that you’ve spent may only make you lose money in the long run.

Finally, there’s the potential saturation that you have to deal with. There‚Äôs only a handful of products doing well at any given time on ClickBank, if any at all. If thousands of your fellow Profit Singularity members are all running the same ads to the same splash pages to the same sales pages for those same handful of products, then what’s the end result will be? Market saturation. Overall, despite the fact that the ClickBank offers 50% commissions to its affiliates, I really can’t recommend this business model to anyone at all. There’s just too many pitfalls to the model, and it’s best if you’d stay away from this.

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