Blue Sky Amazon Review (Sophie Howard)

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard of Blue Sky Amazon says that she’s going to be honest with you in an ad. Straight up, she mentions that a lot of Amazon sellers fail on making money. Unsurprisingly, she, a mentor promoting Amazon courses, doesn’t blame Amazon as a business model. Instead, she condemns those who jumped right in without having the proper system to succeed. In short, she’s encouraging you to not be like those people and enroll in her course that I’ll review below.

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Blue Sky Amazon started out as an Amazon private label course. For those who ain’t familiar with private labels, it’s using a generic product, usually made by Chinese manufacturers, and slapping your own branding on it. And Sophie will show you the exact same system that made her a six-figure earner with this biz in her course.

Personally, I won’t buy private label products myself. I would rather spend a few more bucks on reputable and ethical brands. In contrast, the manufacturers of these cheap knockoffs used in private labels are either paying piss poor wages,using low quality raw materials, or employing cheap but harmful practices to the environment. 

That’s how it usually goes to drive the prices at low levels. If I’m not down as a buyer, no way I’m recommending this to you as a seller. It’s like selling your soul to the devil himself. You’ve got the potential to earn some coins (low profit margin, that’s why) but at what cost? Backing up sweatshops and the likes? Yeah… I’ll say no to that.

Anyway, the said business model is something Sophie has moved on for now. I don’t think she stopped it due to the reasons I stated above, though. More likely, it’s because of how bad her course on it turns out – a 35-hour convoluted mess. As expected, people who bought it didn’t like what they paid a premium for and complained about it being disorganized, “something you can search on YouTube for free,” and a scam.

Obviously, it didn’t stop her from putting up another course. This time, it’s all about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This is still related to Amazon which is not surprising from a self-proclaimed “Amazon selling queen” herself. But unlike in a private label biz, you’ll be selling digital products here, ebooks in particular, instead of actual goods.

Don’t have the sliver of talent to write yourself? Sophie mentions in a free webinar to not worry about your writing skills. In fact, you don’t need to write at all. That’s the job of the ghostwriter you’ll hire. They’ll churn out books of ten thousand words for you within a month.

And she goes on to represent the KDP market being low in competition as long as you choose your subjects right. She says not to shoot for very popular ones such as Ketogenic diet since it’ll be tough ranking your ebooks to the top pages there. She’s not down to the route suggested by Karla Marie either, which is publishing fiction books. She mentions it as a “completely different game” and that “you have to build your author profile” to get some eyeballs looking at ya.

Instead, she gives examples of her so-called evergreen subjects to show how a niche interest with lesser competition can be in-demand and profitable as well. The said topics are potty training, decluttering, puppy training, and how to write a book. She also shows books about each topic with monthly revenue of around $2k to $5k USD. Quite impressive, right?

Blue Sky Amazon Review

Turns out, the books she cherry picked are not hers. She even admitted it herself. I find it weird that she’s not showing a book she published herself (probably none) as you can’t expect the revenue from something that’s probably done by a professional writer will be the same for a book written by a no-name ghostwriter. The latter being devoid of an editorial team to clean up their mess in writing would unironically need a book on potty training and how to write combined, IMHO.

How much does Blue Sky Amazon cost? From reviews I saw online, the price of Blue Sky Amazon is $3,995. Some are even mentioning figures of around $6k. Mind you, that’s not accounting for the extra money you’ll need for the software subscription she’ll recommend plus a handful of pricier upsells from her. 

That being said, I don’t recommend Blue Sky Amazon. A Pricey course with a questionable business model is an easy NO in my books. I won’t recommend buying anything from a dodgy individual like Sophie either. Just a quick google search, or maybe a look at her program’s Trustpilot page, and you’ll see the overwhelmingly negative reviews towards her (even on her relatively new KDP course) that she can’t bury anymore with fake ass testimonials.

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