Alex Smale Review

Alex Smale

Alex Smale, founder of Sell What You Know course, mentions in a Facebook post that it’s usually the mindset that holds people back. That’s why he claims that a positive mental habit is important to improve and move forward. “Successful people are those with successful habits,” Alex continued. Is his course the worthy one to mold your mindset? Can you trust him to help you become a successful person? Scroll down to the review below to see the answer.

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“Hey guys! Sorry if my ads are bothering you. Definitely not the intention. And no, I’m not a scammer. Quite the opposite. If you check out our website, you can see lots of testimonials and case studies from real people who’ve changed their lives for the better with our program.”

Alex Smale’s response on a Reddit thread

I’ll be less harsh with Alex here, less of the “smale” dick energy puns or whatsoever.  Still, I find having an entire section on his site to deflect all the negative reviews, even the mildest of ones, quite lame. Haven’t found anyone calling him a scammer besides a Reddit thread that only mentions being annoyed of seeing his “scummy” ads. He responded with the quote I listed above (which is quite tame NGL but that’s his only comment on that Reddit account) and that was it. That’s the most negative review I’ve seen of him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll feel some kind of bad jujus too if I were targeted by BS and lies. However, there’s no lies at all. The reviews are just doing their best to appease google SEO, so they mention words like “scam” and “pyramid scheme” somewhere in the article. C’mon Alex, your experience with a marketing agency in Tribemix should teach you a thing or two about SEO. But the content would actually say that no, Alex’s program is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. The only reason to get passive aggressive like Alex does on his pages dedicated to blog reviews is when you don’t read past the headline and tags. It’s either him not reading all the sh*t completely or him assuming that people don’t have any sense of reading comprehension whatsoever. Both are quite bad if true TBH, like a pick your poison thing.

Moving on to his course, I am just not inclined to recommend something that is obviously not for everyone in terms of cost and other relevant skills required. When it comes to cost, I just can’t push the beginners that might visit Suugly to test the waters on a pretty expensive course right away. That’s $5,000 down the drain once you sign up for Alex’s course. The cost to apply the knowledge from this program to something that translates to generating money requires more money (again), time, and effort. Difficult AF to do too since you’re basically creating a course like Alex’s and the others I reviewed before such as Low-Hanging Systems. If money doesn’t grow on trees, so are courses.

Alex Smale Review

Regarding the other relevant skills, it’s not as straightforward as other courses too. You need to have your own expertise to use the knowledge impart by Alex and his team. Such is usually outside the scope of Alex’s course. Compared to business models such as lead generation wherein you’ll be able to make money right away just by doing whatever is said on the program, Alex’s Sell What You Know is on the opposite side. It’s complicated!

Besides, it’s not that easy to be good at teaching. There’s a reason that even the brightest in their respective fields are not necessarily the best mentors and professors. If everyone is Gucci at this, no one will be a terror professor that lacks the social skills to be considerate to his/her students. No more teachers too that only “teaches” via reading what is written on the book word-for-word without explaining sh*t. That’s just traditional educational system, mind you. For teaching in courses such as Alex’s, you also need to be charismatic and have a way with words.

To conclude, Alex and his Sell What You Know course is not a scam. Someone with a field of expertise and surplus of money can look into this course if they want to be a mentor themselves. The positive reviews on TrustPilot are somewhat reassuring, but only by a lil bit since you can just fake your reviews there. I also don’t see a lot of testimonials outside that site and Alex’s. Finally, it’s definitely not the easiest business model to make money out there.

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