Brad Smotherman Review

Brad Smotherman

In one of Investor Creator’s YouTube video, its founder and host Brad Smotherman calls the attention of wholesalers and house flippers. Wasting no time, he opens up with a harsh reality check. This is for those living wholesale fee to wholesale fee, with no residual income, and stressing over closing deals— aren’t y’all tired? That’s what he asks, and if you say aye, he says you better listen.

“I’m here to tell you this, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore,” he stresses. Then, as if he’s in a hurry, he abruptly shoots his invite to click the link below for a free training. Like, damn, can we please take it slow?

All I’ve heard, besides the twist on living paycheck-to-paycheck, is the very cliché exit the rat race. I feel like t’was made for ad… Maybe, it actually IS an ad before. I bet ya, if I did saw it live, I’ll be clicking the skip button faster than 🎶Jaaason Derulooo🎵 in stealing YouTube Shorts content.

He’s not smooth, he’s just Smotherman. And while he did give a brief preview on what we’ll see on his free training, your gyal is still not impressed. Like, says he’ll show us how Mister former wholesaler George made $97k his first month as his apprentice and that’s it. So, a testimonial? Boring!

Why is he featuring someone who essentially hung their boots in wholesaling, anyways? At least, it’s not the same case for him, I guess? He’s still in the game, a top house flipper and financing expert in the country [or so he claims]. Someone whose passion is helping new, scrambling investors in building their own sustainable real estate biz.

Why so? Perhaps, the reason is his humble background. He came from a family of farmers. There’s nothing wrong with farming and agriculture, he’s just not about that life anymore. It’s tough, it’s tiring, and it’s not as rewarding financial-wise.

At the age of sixteen, he decides that no more cutting thistles nor rain dances for him. He left his part-time job of pushing carts, secure himself a real estate license, and get straight to work as a real estate sales person.

That didn’t end well, so he work in construction for the meantime. Oh, and he did accounting work too. But he didn’t mention it on his personal website, only on Investor Creator’s. Smells fishy if you ask me.

Once he saved up enough money, he tries real estate again. This time, not as a sales person, but as a real estate investor. It took a while before he closed his first deal. But once he got it, the rest is history. Fast-forward to today, he’s an owner now of a seven-figure flipping business in Tennessee and has investments across several states.

According to him, he can teach you how to become a seven-figure real estate investor as well, with Investor Creator Apprenticeship. He explains, “I wanted to help people learn how to become real estate investors without all the struggles I faced, so I created a blueprint on how to become successful much faster than I did.”

In the said program, you’ll get a three-in-one: Training, mentorship, and community. Y’know, just your typical course with video lessons and access to a community group, but with one-on-one mentorship.

Brad Smotherman Review

He didn’t disclose the price of the program on any of his sites, but I saw a comment saying it’s around $12k. Sounds about right for a real estate course with one-on-one calls. The problem is, he didn’t reveal enough info on what really to expect inside the program.

Where’s the course outline? How frequent are the one-on-one calls? Are there any scripts and contract templates provided? What’s the platform that’ll host the community group? Feels like we’re going in blind unless you book a call and allow them to give ya a full-on sales treatment.

I’m not feeling it, especially when I saw an accusation against him on not honoring buyer/seller agreement. Yeah, sure, he’s innocent until proven guilty. Still, it’s worrisome that there’s a major complaint about him out in the wild, on an online real estate counseling no less.

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