Social Media Blueprint Review (Nate Armstrong)

Nate Armstrong

Nate Armstrong notices that getting deals in real estate recently is getting harder and harder because of intense competition. That’s why real estate investors, according to Nate, have to get creative and be open with exploring the mediums they once never did like social media. And it never has to be that complicated, you can just copy a winning strategy, like Nate’s on his Social Media Blueprint course, to get some results. Read on my review to know more.

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Nate didn’t bother with social media himself until he realized the threat of the so-called iBuyers like Zillow and Opendoor. They didn’t exist like fifteen years ago, but are now causing a massive shift in the real estate space today. As a real estate investor operating at a much lower scale than these companies, he wonders what he can do to compete with the likes of Zillow – companies willing to lose money flipping houses.

The answer is right there, and it’s what Zillow and other iBuyers are doing – turning their process digital. He’s not saying  to do exactly as the iBuyers do to keep up with them. You’re just taking a page or two out of their book, something digital too, that you can do yourself. Simply put, he’s referring to finding motivated sellers leads online and on your own.

But before spilling the tea, Nate showed some receipts first (yes, I’m watching a webinar) on why you should listen to him. He, or the company he co-founded rather, was able to get into Inc. 500. For those not familiar with Inc. 500, this is a list of top 500 fastest-growing private US companies. 

Ranking here means you paid Inc. Magazine at least $195 to be considered, and most importantly, your company showed impressive revenue growth numbers. Not too shabby, but it should not be confused with Fortune 500. The latter is more prestigious as it’s reserved for the biggest, not fastest-growing, companies in the US.

He ended his humble brag by claiming that he can be your “4-minute mile” guy in real estate. For context, that guy is the first athlete to complete a, guess what, a 4-minute mile that’s never done before. He’s the absolute chad who inspired thousands to do the unthinkable. Nate as your “4-minute mile” guy means that anyone, even the average person, can break into the Inc. 500 list like he did. Well, as long as you copy the strategy to a T in Social Media Blueprint, you can get your name plastered there, or so he says.

Anyhow, here’s the overview of his strategy that’s based on businesses thriving off marketing. Specifically, he’s talking about social media marketing. He got game apparently because he started this one off with the boldest of claims: There is not a single person or company that couldn’t quadruple their deal flow with his help. The help he’s about to share is referred to as the social media buying plan.

Social Media Blueprint Review

It’s like a funnel of some sort. At the top where you pour your stuff in, dollar bills and lots of them in this case, is running proper ads. Choose the right platform where you’ll run it (Facebook and Instagram); have the proper response tools when someone inquires about the ad; and set up the right system for follow up to score some deals in the end. “We put a dollar in to take two dollars out,” says Nate to describe how you need to put money in first to get some more plus the initial investment back.

The three key things of his social media buying plan are as follows: Outspending your competitors where it counts without foolishly wasting money; present yourself accordingly as social media likes “real” people and not “big and box-y” corporations; and lastly, prioritize turning your competitors’ customers into yours. Bottom line is you get the most customers with the most attention – consistent to what’s mentioned before of needing money in to get more money out.

My thoughts on this? Personally, I wouldn’t buy any courses that preach Facebook ads as a marketing tool. It’s too pricey and too chaotic (in terms of algorithm updates) for my taste. Worst, it’s easy to get “zucced” here aka get banned, probably for life, from using the site. The problem of making strict a.i. take over the moderation duties during the pandemic, I guess. Besides, I won’t be down on taking a double whammy by doing pricey Facebook ads by paying an equally pricey course. Specifically, Social Media Blueprint costs around $7,800.

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