Social Sale Rep Review

When you go the website for Social Sale Rep, you are welcomed with a video of an unnamed guy in a blazer and an undershirt. You can see that he has a laptop by his side, maybe some glasses and a bunch of files on the other side of the table. Somehow the clock behind him looks like it was pasted on by the person who edited the video. You can really tell that the guide in the video is just reading off a script. It doesn’t seem like he owns the company that runs this website. It just feels like they hired him through someplace like Fiverr.

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Even if you don’t watch the video, you can sort of get what the website is for. There isn’t much to the website aside from the video and the quiz that you have to answer. When you finish answering all of the questions. You will be redirected to another page that shows you the result that they got based on your answer. I’ve tried to answer the quiz multiple times and I would always be welcomed with the result that I was fit to be a “live chat assistant.”

Once I input my name and e-mail address, I was welcomed to another page where they go more into the detail of what this kind of job entails. But before you get hired to be a “live chat assistant,” you have to go through training first. It’s kind of weird that they will tell you this three pages into the entire process. Like this should’ve been included in the page before this.

As you scroll through the page, it will keep selling whatever this heck the opportunity is. You will get testimonials from a bunch of people from the country that you’re from. And judging by the names and photos they used for these people, it doesn’t seem like they might be real. If you scroll deep enough, you will see that you’re to pay a monthly membership fee worth $99. Or, if you act quick, you’ll only have to pay $1 for the first three days. It’s kind of insane for them to give you that offer. When you click on the link leading the checkout page, you can also pay another $10 to buy a digital guide called “20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online.”

So, what exactly are you paying roughly an initial total of $110 for? Well, Social Sale Rep is basically going to teach you all about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically a way of marketing other people’s products and getting a commission from every purchase made through a link that’s tied to you. With affiliate marketing, you get a link to a product on an e-commerce website and you just have to market it by yourself on every platform that you are in. If you’re on Facebook, it’s sort of easier to market it to your friends and family. But elsewhere? You’re going to need a lot of luck.

There’s nothing really wrong with affiliate marketing. A lot of big websites include affiliate links if they feature a product in article or list that they have on the website. But for people who don’t have that kind of reach, it’s really difficult to effectively sell a product even if it’s to people you know. You have to be really good at selling that product so that a lot of people will click on the link that you provided and buy that product. That’s really the only way for you to earn as an affiliate marketer.

It’s hard to recommend affiliate marketing to anyone because you have to put a lot of effort into it. You will need to utilize the tools that you have to your advantage. It’s definitely difficult to market a product you haven’t really tried. You are pretty much beholden to the affiliate marketplace that you’re getting your product links from. I still don’t get why Social Sale Rep had to bury the lede three pages into the entire thing. There’s not reason for them to do that. It just makes it so sketchy. You can put it all on one page. People will skim through it, I guess?

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