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Social Sales Lab Review (Lorell Lane)

Social marketing, one of the easiest ways to advertise your business and be known to the public. Doing content and posting it on social media like facebook and instagram will allow your business to travel across the world and eventually gain you new clients. But sometimes these ads are being ignored by the majority. They find it annoying whenever it pops out on their screen, but Lorell Lane’s method of doing things is what makes her a million dollar advertisement guru. Check out my review of her course below.

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Lorell Lane said in one of her podcasts, “I came from the corporate world which means that I sold national television campaigns. I came from the media, especially television. I’ve always sold advertising and as I do it now on different platforms, I learned that all take the same strategies and concepts. It just all depends on a person on how he or she is consuming content”. Even before the internet is a thing, she’s been doing well with doing television advertisements, so what made her change her ways?

Like most of us are thinking right now, the internet has made lives easy for most people in the business industry, of course when done properly. Not all people are into technology, specially the not so young ones where they’re the masters of the old ways, calling appointments, doing door-to-door/in-house presentations, etc. and we can’t also blame them for that. That’s just how they do things, they strive from it, so what’s the matter, right?

The only concern with doing the old ways is that it is too time consuming. Doing a lot of calls day after day and setting up appointments here and there just to find any leads or prospects for your business. And in the younger generation, they always think about how many followers their business has. That’s the wrong way of thinking. The only thing that you need to think about is how you will monetize your content and not just posting it out in order to gain followers. 

The Social Sales Lab is a mentorship program she created that will help you think outside the box, how you will be successful in advertising and scaling your business up to the next level by building automated Facebook and Instagram ads, while savoring your personal freedom, which most busy entrepreneurs are craving for. But it’s not as cheap as you think it is. This 8-step mentoring program will cost you $2497 if you decide to join.

Lorell believes that the first step to financial freedom is building your own business, and second to that is doing social advertisements. They have the power to reach the right person at the right time with the right message and can even help you earn while you’re sleeping. But the program was created only for those people who are willing to do what it takes and want to grow sales using advertising. It requires a level of mindset, persistence and dedication that is not within everyone.

They also offer a bootcamp, but not like what other bootcamps that you have in mind. Their AMB or AdsMastery Bootcamp is a set of pre-recorded 4-part course that costs $597 for lifetime access, which basically teaches you how to start with facebook ads, find your target audience/market, think of contents which in time will help you earn new clients and lastly, automation and optimization where you can calculate how much you must be spending on ads to generate your revenue goals. 

The downside of these things is that they don’t have a refund policy but Lorell has an explanation for that. She believes that refunds are the easiest way out for people who do not want to do the work. She really did make the bars high so that people will think further and step up their game for the betterment and success of their businesses. That’s why she never offers refunds from the get go. 

The program is available for both new and experienced business owners, big or small. They are welcome as long as they are able to cough $2500 out of their pockets, and have the dedication to learn and trust the process along the way since there are no refunds available if ever you decide to quit. That’s way too much money to learn advertising when there are free videos available on the internet posted by successful business owners who are just expressing their way of giving back to people.

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