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Cold To Sold Review

Cold To Sold

Cold To Sold started out as a local marketing agency in 2018. Founded by Jayde Gorling, it has since transitioned to offering real estate leads and listing appointments. How will they deliver?  Not with the usual Facebook ads, but with YouTube ads. A much welcome change, that’s fosho. However, being different doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re doing a job well done. So, are they good or nah? I’ll answer it in the review down below.

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For serious real estate agents and brokers. No one’s really asking, but that’s what Cold To Sold (or From Cold To Sold, they use both names interchangeably) wrote about the people they’re made for. In big bold letters too, mind you. What’s more, they also mention how their goal is to consistently exceed expectations  by generating high intent seller leads. Means warm leads desperate for a real estate agent.

“Leads and appointments are fundamental to growing a real estate business in today’s world,” says Cold To Sold. And I do agree, that’s two things you need to get right before closing the deal and eventually securing the bag. Cold To Sold also mentions that creating an online presence is a requirement to bolster your so-called sphere of influence. Something about marketing oneself, I s’pose.

Marketing is time-consuming, and so is lead gen. On top of that, both could leave much to be desired in terms of cost-effectiveness if you do it by yourself while not knowing sh*t about it. Cold To Sold recognizes this and that’s why they promise to give you high intent leads and only that. Solves the problem by essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

That’s what Cold To Sold says about themselves. And I should say, they got me confused on the part where they prop up their high intent leads. Like, first of all, is sphere of influence a nod to the word circle of friends? It’s kinda out of place here knowing it’s more commonly used to denote political power. Trying to impress (and confuse) with high falutin phrases, maybe? Nuh-uh.

One more thing before I reveal if they really walk the talk.  Here’s a few words about their mindset on choosing YouTube ads instead of Facebook ads. Simply put, they chose YouTube ads because it’s better for getting high intent leads. Instead of pushing ads before someone searches for a realtor like in Facebook, YouTube does the opposite. They pull similar to how Google does it. To them, the additional cost of switching to YouTube ads (it’s pricier) is worth it.

Now that’s out of the way, what remains unanswered is whether Jayde’s program walk the talk. My answer here would be hell nah, I don’t think so. There’s not much chatter about them outside their site, but those few people who have a say are definitely not saying good things about them. In fact, they’re called terrible and even complete frauds.

Cold To Sold Review

Why so? Well, similar to Regentology, the leads provided by Cold To Sold are NOT only high intent, but also either fake or in a state you can’t service in. Hot garbo and useless in short. In addition, the leads being like that, hot garbo and useless, makes the per-lead cost very high. About that…

Normally, you gotta book a call with them to know the cost. But they do imply on their FAQs how the cost would be. Far from the cheapest service out there as they put it. They didn’t lie here this time since it’s reported that Cold To Sell cost $3,600 a month. That’s the figure two years ago for fifteen leads a month from Facebook ads. It’s fair to assume that the price you have to pay fo their service using YouTube ads must be much higher now.

In conclusion, I would definitely not recommend Cold To Sold. They’re not good at all. Lack of social proof is one thing, getting badmouthed by the few people who cared to give a f*ck about reviewing you is another. Not to mention the price, the audacity of them to charge such a ridiculous amount for a sh*tty service. The service where a gal, the same person who revealed the cost of Cold To Sell (and had interest on using it before), mentions knowing a few who tried the program and all of them having no success. She dodged a bullet by not working with Cold To Sell, maybe try to do the same.

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