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Sophie Howard is well-known to most people as the “Amazon Selling Queen”, since it’s claimed that she has plenty of success in selling various products on Amazon. Whether it’s dropshipping or self-publishing books, as long as it involves the Amazon platform, you can be sure that she has made a lot of money with that method. Recently, she has made a couple of online courses that aim to teach others how they can achieve the same level of success as she did. Yet despite all this, many still think that she’s just a fraud. S what’s the deal about her? Read on for my review of her.

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So how did she become the so-called “Amazon Selling Queen”? It started a few years ago, when she was still doing a government day job. While it offered her a sense of financial security, it also means she almost lacked any free time to do anything for herself. not only that. She also has to take care of her toddler and her baby after she’s done with her day job. Needless to say, this made her always very tired, drained, and even irritated.

Furthermore, despite working very hard, she’s not really making any financial progress with her day job. It does bring her food to the table and pays her bills, but that was it. She’s not growing financially with it. This is when she realized that something needed to change. So she started looking online for various ways to earn money outside of a day job. However, some of the methods she found can take a very long time before she can actually earn money from them (like starting a blog, etc.), or can get really complicated for her (stocks, options, and crypto trading, etc.)

And this is where she discovered selling on Amazon and she immediately took a liking to it. According to her, she chose the Amazon platform because it gave her an opportunity to sell real products to real people, and it also allows her to choose the products she wants to sell. This gives her an opportunity to build a real business of her own, without relying on someone else’s platform.

She also claims to love Amazon FBA over other methods because of the ease with which she can set up and manage her business. All she needs to do is to start her own brand, secure a source for her products, and that’s it. Amazon will take care of all the heavy-lifting for her, which includes transactions, marketing, etc. And to completely “automate” her business, she also recommends employing a few virtual assistants to help with some tasks of her business.

Since becoming an Amazon seller, Sophie has built two Amazon businesses, launched and sold 1,000+ products, and is on her way to building a third brand of her own. One of her most famous brands being sold on Amazon is a line of herbal tea products called Higher Tea. She has also helped several entrepreneurs source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. And just recently, she has also launched her own publishing business through Amazon Kindle.

One of the secrets to her success, she claims, is that she completely ignores the usual strategies that other Amazon FBA gurus usually teach, especially when it comes to sourcing their products. For example, for Amazon FBA, the usual strategy is to source their materials from China, since it’s much cheaper there. Sophie herself took a different approach and sourced hers from, for example, her current home country of New Zealand, or even from a charity foundation in Nepal. This claims to give her a feel-good kind of vibe, since she’s not only earning, she’s also helping.

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Due to her success, Sophie has also been featured in several online publications. She has also been featured in several podcasts since 2017, with one of the more notable ones being the podcast with Augustus Kligys, the creator of Orange Klick. Recently, Sophie has also launched a few courses that aims to teach other individuals her secrets to success in selling at Amazon. One of her more notable online training programs is the Amazon FBA training course called Blue Sky Amazon. It costs around $5,000 to enroll to this course.

She’s also the creator of another Amazon-related online course, Kindle Publishing Income. This one focuses on teaching you how you can earn money by selling your self-published ebooks on Amazon Kindle. Sophie has also delved into Amazon self-publishing, and she claims that she’s also found an equal amount of success compared to her Amazon FBA business. Compared to her previous course, this one is a bit cheaper, as it costs only $2,485

Aside from these Amazon training programs, she also founded Aspiring Entrepreneurs, a more general training platform that teaches individuals how they can build an online business through various methods.

Overall, Sophie herself seems to be a good person, and her claims to success are pretty much legit. However, like most gurus of her kind, she has a tendency to over-exaggerate her claims for her online courses, so before you join her training programs, make sure that you’re ready for the intensive amount of hard work and capital that you’ll need to start up your business.

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