Your Income Space Review (Brett, Ashley Nobles)

Brett, Ashley Nobles

Brett and Ashley Nobles, the entrepreneurial couple behind Your Income Space, was featured once in Refinery29’s YouTube channel. In the video they’re featured in, the two showcase their $2,900 a month “Sweet Digs” slash production space apartment. The place is great and really slick, but what sticks to me the most is them mentioning their source of income. They got Your Income Space, but how exactly do they earn from it? They’re not just selling a course, right? Riiiight?

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Well, the couple claims that they’re more than a course peddler. They’re walking the talk even as they’re running a production day location rental biz. The how-tos of the said biz is the subject of one of the courses of Your Income Space. We’ll focus on discussing that (and its business model) instead of Your Income Space’s Advanced Webinar Secrets that cost $1,397. The latter is an easy thumbs down for me because it’s too expensive for a course that only covers the creation of high-converting webinar funnels.

Anyway, the said biz is also Brett and Ashley’s “A-ha!” moment that made them go from dead broke (the two even called it “couldn’t-afford-ramen-noodles” broke) to achieving financial freedom without exchanging time for money. “Within a year, we replaced our 9-5 income, quit our full-time jobs, and dug ourselves out of the massive debt we had accumulated,” they added.

Sounds interesting, right? It sure is as nobody wants to be a miserable 9-5er their whole life if they have a chance. But wait, there’s more! Aside from being able to move on from their soul-sucking corporate career, Brett and Ashley also claim that they were able to generate half a million dollars per year in their real estate biz without owning a single property. I repeat, getting the bag without owning a single property! Huh? Now I’m itty-bitty skeptical. Like, how the f*ck is that even possible?

I did mention earlier that they’re running a “production day location rental biz” but I do think that label is not enough to understand the gist of their business. The couple mentioning that the “sharing economy” industry is what makes the biz possible also gives more confusion than clarity. What are we sharing here to be exact?

Turns out, the biz is somewhat similar to Airbnb and its rental arbitrage business model. But they’re not leasing to tenants who want to turn the property into a temporary living space. Instead, they’re leasing it, charge on a per-hour or per-day basis, to events people who need a place for photoshoots and film for the ✨aesthetics✨. And yes, the place they’re leasing is not theirs, but a property of someone else’s that they’re also renting.

So, essentially, the biz is also a form of subletting with a unique twist to it. For those in the know, this should be a major concern. No matter how many tweaks you put in it, it’s still subletting at its core and something frowned upon by property owners and landlords.

Your Income Space Review

If you’re lucky enough to be in a state that allows it, good luck asking permission to do it from your landlords. More likely than not, they won’t allow it. If they somehow agree, prepare for them changing their mind once they see the cash rolling. Of course, they would want to do it themselves if they can and there’s nothing you can do about it. Better luck next time!

I mean, I don’t think you’re the asset in this kind of biz, but the actual property and its location. Clients usually don’t give a damn who’s on the helm. If they see the place fit, they’ll rent it. All eyes on the place, not on you or your landlord. In this case, the landlord has more leverage to do the said biz themselves if they want to and there’s enough demand to justify the short-term rentals rather than the safer but less lucrative long-term one. Get it?

All things considered, I don’t recommend the course of Your Income Space, Six-Figure Location Rental Business, suggesting the said business model, then. Not with Your Income Space’s course hefty price too at $997 for one time payment or $568 for two payments. Even if you’re a landlord yourself, it’s not worth learning the thang in this overpriced course because, well, it IS overpriced. Also, not a single course including Your Income Space’s can make your place a hotspot for events rental. It all usually depends on the location, so it’s only viable if you’re in a “sexy” part of the town such as downtown LA like the couple.

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