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Spare Time Profits Review (Jeff Lenney)

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Jeff Lenney is an affiliate marketer and SEO specialist who has an impressive track record under his belt. He started to walk down this career path in 2008, but it was in 2011 is where it really started to take off for him. Sometime later, he started working with Anik Singal and has developed his own training course, called Cashwords Formula, which is then hosted on the Lurn educational platform. Through the Spare Time Profits program, Jeff aims to share his internet marketing expertise with others who also wanted to succeed as he did. Check out my review of it below.

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As far as credentials are concerned, Jeff Lenney isn’t someone that’s just blowing smoke. He’s literally walking his talk. As an SEO expert, he has won the Best SEO Influencer Awards by the SEO Intelligence Agency for two years straight, in 2017 and 2018. He has also worked with plenty of big names in the industry online, including companies like the Palm Beach Research Group, and Agora Financial, as well as individuals like Timothy Sykes, Jimmy Kim, and more importantly, Anik Singal. In fact, he has been featured once in a video interview by Anik himself.

He then partnered up with Anik and created an online course that teaches people how they can earn money, lots of it, with affiliate marketing. At this point, you might already think that, this may just be another affiliate marketing site, that there’s going to be nothing new with what Jeff Lenney might teach you. And for the most part, it is. But it’s also safe to say that while the fundamentals being taught here are the same, Jeff’s affiliate marketing strategy has some key differences in it.

For example, Jeff suggests that you should avoid niches that are far too common in the affiliate marketing world. Health and wellness? Making money online? Relationships? Forget about all of that. Because there’s a very strong possibility that you’re going to have a lot of difficulties ranking your keywords when you focus on these niches. And it’s for the simple reason that everyone is always after those niches, marketing-wise. And if everyone is ranking for that certain keyword, of course, your website will stand little to no chance of ranking high on SERP.

Instead, Jeff suggests that you should find niches and keywords that virtually no one else pays attention to, yet people with money in their hands search for them on Google. Sounds simple, right? Well, not really. But that’s why Jeff is here to help, right? His suggestion is to find physical products. For example, farm equipment, gym equipment, earbuds, etc. As long as there’s a physical product involved, it’s a good keyword. A lot of people may not pay attention to these kinds of item niches on a daily basis. But the ones who do, already have the money needed. They’re definitely sure-buyers of that product since they’re looking with intention. Thus, if you can rank high in these niches, then your conversions would be much higher than when you’re selling digital products or online courses.

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Another key difference between Jeff’s affiliate marketing strategy compared to the others is the platform that he suggests. Since your aim is to be an affiliate for physical products, it makes sense that your preferred platform should be accomodating for those types of products as well. And Amazon is the first thing that comes to mind for most people. Now, this is where I’m beginning to see the flaws of this business model, enough that I may not even recommend this training program to just about anyone.

To be fair, being an Amazon affiliate is certainly a much better venture than being an affiliate of, say, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, etc. Sure, these platforms give a much higher commission rate than the others, but only if you can manage to make a sale. As these platforms contain products that are basically “shiny objects”, those that are promoted as being something that can make your life a lot better, make you more money, healthier, etc, but in the end, there’s basically just scams (or very close to it). With Amazon, if you’re promoting physical products, you’ll have the assurance that none of them would be scams, as long as it’s coming from a reputable seller.

Now, this is the problem with Jeff Lenney’s marketing strategy: So far, it’s very hard to qualify to be an Amazon affiliate. And the requirements for being an Amazon affiliate aren’t something that beginners can achieve in just a few days. It involves having a huge amount of followers on your social media accounts and your website. Not to mention that maintaining that status is also quite hard. Otherwise, the Cashwords Formula online course consists of your standards fare for online courses: Modules, some coaching, downloadable templates, etc. Overall, Jeff Lenney seems to be a pretty cool and trustworthy guru. But I don’t think his marketing strategy is going to work for everyone, if it ever works at all.

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