Spencer J Vann Review (Surplus Fund)

Surplus Fund

Surplus Fund founder Spencer J Vann mentions how he loves what he’s doing right now. It gives him freedom, it lets him help other people, and it’s a lot of fun. “I’m grateful that I get to wake up everyday and do something I love,” he concludes. Guess I had to ruin the mood and say that making money just by telling others how to make money must be fun for him. Reason I say this is in the review below.

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Selling your expertise is alright, but what he’s doing here is selling a dream. Let’s be realistic, no one can easily make a fortune with the biz he’s hyping to death. It’s not some kind of a “brand new breakthrough strategy” or a hidden “mystery money” either. Curious what it is? Well, it’s none other than the name of the program itself which is surplus funds, also known as overages.

No, I’m not being a Debby downer here. Y’all know me (or not), I don’t beat around the bush. I’m just being honest when I say that it’ll be hard for anyone to make money here. Real tough as they say. It’s an old, old game and lotta people have already established themselves as the go-to collectors for surplus funds. A lot are attorneys too which gives them an edge over the average person.

Don’t get me started with finding the worthy deals itself. Every opportunity to collect surplus funds is not created equal and as a newbie, the chances of snagging a good or even just a decent one is low. Low surplus fund amount, low percent cut, and so on. And yeah, the low percentage is from states with laws that limit it to 10%.

You’re like fighting for crumbs, but, mind you, the crumbs might even run away from you. Like, how ‘bout that? Even the absolute worst of deals here can slip out of your hand if the people who have it don’t jive with your vibe. Imagine this scenario. They lost their homes and suddenly, you, a random stranger, calls them to say that they have money that you can collect.

More likely than not, they’ll hang up on you immediately. Given the circumstance, your honest offer would easily come off as some kind of a sick joke. Maybe, they’d opt to just collect ‘em checks by themselves. Or, who knows, they could even learn the opportunity from you, then opt to avail the service of established collectors I mentioned earlier. Yeah, that would sting, I know.

The business model is not really welcoming to newcomers, which I assume you are, and that’s why I don’t recommend it. It’s not the only business model and you can choose better, c’mon now. Consequently, I wouldn’t recommend any programs that offer it either. Especially not Spencer’s Surplus Funds due to it sticking to only one type of overages. Oh, and it’s pricey af too. The price of the Surplus Fund? Well, the Surplus Fund cost $1,500.

Spencer J Vann Review

Regardless, I’m still listing down what you’ll get here for the curious lads. Specifically, they’re  the following: Six-week core training; access to buncha things like list of leads, Facebook group coaching, and all the scripts and contracts you might need; and more. The usual, just like how his FCC method in the program works.

Speaking of which, the said FCC method is as follows: Step one, find the people with surplus funds under their name; step two, tell the peeps they have unclaimed funds, and offer to collect them on their behalf; and step three, collect their surplus funds and then take your “finder’s fee” once it’s all said and done. What can I say, it’s the same ‘ol overages.

With an offer as bland to the core as Surplus Funds, you know Spencer would be filling his marketing with bull. Even to the point of paying his way to get featured on websites. Thought he’s an actual entrepreneur who earns money from doing biz other than selling courses with those news? Think again! With him working with shady writers like Monir Islam, I’ll always be wary of what he has to say. Imma be a skeptic just to be safe. Sorry, not sorry.

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