Reviewing Cody Sperber’s Net Worth

You can find a bunch of different videos about a range of topics on the internet. With so much information that’s right on your fingertips, you will never really run out of content on any given topic out there. Streetball? Sure. E-Commerce? There’s a lot of content about that. There is no shortage of people talking about anything that you want to know more about. For the most part, the people who talk about any topic on platforms like YouTube have some experience on it. I have seen a lot of twenty-year olds talk about dropshipping on YouTube. They’ve only had a few years of experience in that specific niche, but they have the proof to back it up.

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One of the topics that I see often when I watch videos is about real estate. I think that watching a bunch of home renovation clips lead me to that part of YouTube. Your watch history reflects what kind of videos get suggested to you and all that. One of the channels that often get suggested to me are from Cody Sperber’s YouTube channel Clever Investor.

Cody isn’t a particularly new personality. He has been working in the world of real estate for about 13 years or so after he retired from the Navy. Before he got into the Navy, Cody had dreams of becoming a 9th grade teacher. It’s great that he had dreams of teaching because teachers are often sorely needed because there’s just a lot of students who need them. But since the pay for public school teachers isn’t really that great, aside from being overworked, he put those teaching dreams aside and joined the Navy seemingly after he graduated from high school. After he retired from the Navy, he went on to get a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University.

It was during his college days that he got to witness a friend of his flip a house and earned about $80,000 of profit from it. As somebody who has, again, watched a ton of home renovation, especially those about flipping house, $80,000 is a relatively good amount of profit. Though it depends how much the property was sold for. But that kind of amount is pretty decent, all things considered.

It was through that experience that lead Cody to research more about becoming a real estate investor. He didn’t really found immediate success in it even if he had worked for it for almost a year. He took a step back and found a job as a bookkeeper for a local developer. He was still close to the industry that he wanted to work in. He worked hard at that job. But he still felt like he could be doing better. His friend Zack invited him to an event by real estate investor Jack Miller. Cody didn’t want to go because he has already been to similar events. But Zack was really persistent about it.

Zack’s persistence kind of paid off for Cody. It was through that event that reinvigorated his dream in real estate. He was kind of acutely aware that he couldn’t get into real estate on his own. He managed to find somebody who could mentor him in that event. That mentor spent weeks with Cody changing the structure of Cody’s real estate business. Soon after leads came in slowly but surely. Eventually, Cody had learned a lot from Lyle and was able to make enough money that he could quit his job and pursue real estate investing full time.

Fast forward to now and Cody Sperber has managed to sell hundreds of properties. He also has a bunch of other projects that relate to his such as the aforementioned YouTube channel, a mentorship program and some other stuff that seems par for the course with other online real estate personalities. It’s no wonder that Cody has a net worth around the range of $5,000,000. He’s a relatively active person on YouTube. He mainly posts videos every week or so.

Getting into something like real estate investing takes a long time to get the hang of. You have to understand a lot of different aspects of the location that you’re going to invest money on. People don’t have the time and money to put into something like that. You need to have some knowledge of what you’re going into so that you don’t regret it later on.

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