The Print Sprint Review

The Print Sprint

The Print Sprint Workshop kicks off with a somewhat eyebrow-raising claim of turning a printer at home into a lucrative, six-figure side hustle. It sounds enticing especially for stay-at-home parents ‘cause the headline also claims that it could be a bonding activity with the kids. Still, this begs the question: Is it really that simple? Is The Print Sprint the real deal? Continue reading my review to find out.

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The Print Sprint is a three-day workshop created by everyday mom and e-commerce geek in Alison J Prince. Here, you’ll get four-and-a-half hours of step-by-step training to enable you to use your ordinary printer at home in creating products that sell.

The promise is you’ll have a profitable product— calendars, gift tags, flash cards, greeting cards, stickers, that kind of stuff— ready by day three. Do that without the need to keep inventory besides the papers and printer, without the need to show your face, and without taking time away from your fam [it’s a family bonding, ‘member?].

The sales page mentioned that earning money online doesn’t need to be complicated. Just find a product idea, create it, and then reap profits by selling it. As easy as one-two-three… or so they say.

To me, turning a home printer into a cash machine is easier said than done. First of all, these typa printers are not suitable in crafting high quality, commercial prints. High chance that you’ll need more sophisticated equipment to get it done. Which, in a way, beats the purpose of earning money with just your home printer.

Second, I have concerns about the market being sooo saturated. The Print Sprint guarantees that you don’t have to be “naturally” creative since they’ll hook you up with winning plug-and-play Canva templates to work on. In turn, you’ll have peeps, those who also attended the workshop, using the very same template as you do. And that’s not even accounting other remarkably similar products from using a generic template. How tf would you stand out, then?

Speaking of standing out, Alison’s advice to sell designs on high demand yet incredibly competitive niche is just a sure-fire formula for beginners to NOT stand out. Ali gotta chill with her delulu tendencies or she’ll set her students up for failure.

Anyways, besides the online training and plug-and-play Canva template, you’ll also get one-on-one text support from a “Biz BFF” which is a fancy way to call a chatbot and customer service support. Allat in The Print Sprint workshop that would cost you a one-time payment of $27.

The good: The workshop comes with a money back guarantee and AFAIK, there’s no sketchy terms to void it. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can email them within three days of the start date, and you’ll at once get your money back. No questions asked.

The bad: Selling prints of generic designs as a source of income is simply difficult to pull off, let alone turn it into a million-dollar side hustle. As I’ve mentioned earlier, competition here can be quite intense, like a raging storm. Yet the profit margins can be more of a drizzle. Making money out of this is not that simple at all. Pass!

The Print Sprint Review

The ugly: The Print Sprint workshop is essentially just a sales funnel to a pricier, $1,500 course of Alison. That’s why the workshop itself is more on showing testimonials, less on teaching actual, useful info. Like, this ain’t the real deal, I’m afraid.

Not surprising as this is how Alison typically conducts her business. One, offer free or cheap training. Two, project this everyday mom slash Chick-fil-A lover slash introverted adventurer slash e-commerce geek persona to be relatable. Three, entice the attendees more with success stories. Finally, upsell a pricier course by the end of the free/cheap training.

An attendee of these cheap offers has something to say about seeing Alison’s true colors: ”Alison J Prince went from someone you thought you could be best friends with… to kicking you out of the cool kid group if you couldn’t join immediately.“

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