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Jack McColl states that there are four methods that you can use when you’re looking for funding for your business. The first one is funding it from your own pocket. Great for newbies, but not recommended at all. There are better ways to spend your own money. The second one is getting a high-interest business loan. While it’s a very popular funding method, keep in mind that you’ll end up paying a lot of interest later on after this. Again, not recommended. The third one is getting yourself an equity partner. However, as your company grows and expands, so will the cost for it. The fourth method, and Jack’s personal choice, is to finance the business with 0% interest business credit.

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“And you can do that by, first, optimizing your personal credit, leveraging banking relationships, then getting access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of zero percent interest business credit that you can use to start, or massively scale your business,” Jack explains. And this method is the reason why he’s able to secure an approved business credit from zero to $500k in just over a year, which he then used to fund his several businesses and investments. He’s even able to scale his multiple six-figure companies using the funding, all while traveling full time (as evidenced by the content of his YouTube channel).

A little background about the credit situation today first, to help you understand all of this. As of this moment, the Federal Reserve reports that outstanding credit card balances are at their lowest level in three years. And the result? Banks are losing money as a result of low-interest rates. Their solution? Banks started offering high credit card offers, which had never happened until today. If you’re wondering why banks today are having some very good bonuses and sign-up deals when you apply for credit, then this is the reason why. And it’s also some of the best deals in history by far.

There’s just one problem, though. These days, it’s not going to be easy to get approved for these loans, especially with the current situation. Not only that, small business owners and average investors only know how to do the usual methods when it comes to getting capital for their businesses. The result? If not handled properly, they might end up building up a pile of debt and, in the worst-case scenario, go bankrupt. Jack notes that it’s an absolute tragedy, and that it’s not the way business is supposed to go. So how did he manage to get $300,000 worth of business credit without paying a fee or interest? What’s his secret?

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Jack’s secret lies in his so-called “Credit Stacking” strategy. The key here, he says, is that whatever you do, never spend your personal money for any business or business-related needs. What you want to do is to get approval for credit lines. And once done, use the money you gained from it to do things like enhancing your business and boosting your investments. But is it possible to get approved for credit even without paying any fees, or even without gaining any interest? Jack says it’s entirely possible. All you need to do is to keep in mind these four steps.

Step one, be aware of your credit file and credit score. There are several ways to do it. Using a credit score service, checking with your credit card company, even talking to a non-profit counselor. Step two is to basically “play” the bank the way it plays with you. The truth is that banks have a secret approval basis. But they will never disclose it to you for the obvious reason that they don’t want you to get authorized for zero percent cards. Of course, they want to profit from your interest payments. So you have to find it out yourself.

Step three is what he calls the “Credit Stacking” method. With this, you’ll be able to build up an amount of money with zero interest at all. They compare this to the game “Tetris” because the bureau and the bank must best fit each other. Finally, you need to do what is called an “inquiry sweep.” Basically, you need to clear your history of applying to all these business credit cards or it starts to look very suspicious. The perfect way to achieve this is by doing sequencing and balance transfers. And with this, you can game the system legally.

As of late, Jack claims he has over a hundred students who went through his program. And all of them have found success in this, getting approved for large credit limits with no fees or interest. If you’re interested, schedule a call with the Credit Stacking team. It’s also the only way to find out how much the training program costs, as there’s no mention of it anywhere. I kinda liked the strategy. Though what I need is more transparency on its success stories and whatnot, since it seems that the method may not work all the time.

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