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Ian Stanley believes that email marketing is still an important element of any business’s marketing strategy. This is despite the prevalence of social media marketing, which is more widely used today. In truth, email marketing is still viable, yet plenty of businesses aren’t really very good at it. In fact, they may not even be good at any kind of online marketing at all. And here’s where the opportunity lies. Ian claims that he can teach on how to be a great email marketer and potentially earn several thousands of dollars while you’re at it. Is he telling the truth, or he’s just blowing smoke? This Ian Stanley review will help come up with your own answer.

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As what Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator said in his movie, he is “old, but not obsolete.” Email marketing is basically like that. It might be one of the older forms of online marketing today, but it still remains an effective one. It has the advantage of being more targeted than the others (including social media marketing), so its conversion rate can be considered a little higher than theirs. As what Ian Stanley said, “[Email marketing is] the single most profitable marketing channel that exists. It returns more than SEO, keyword ads, mobile marketing, and banner ads.”

Learning email marketing presents a good opportunity for anyone to make money because of the demand for it. Business owners know the importance of a good marketing campaign, but most of them can’t do it themselves. This is especially true for small businesses, such as gyms, online shops, laundromats, you name it. It’s because, either they can’t really do it for themselves, or they can do it, but they simply don’t have the time to manage it well. And thus presents a good business opportunity for anyone.

For this, you don’t really need some advanced skills to get started in this. Ian Stanley himself may claim to be one of the top copywriters today, but he says that you don’t need to be an expert copywriter to get started in this business model. If you can post a message on social media, chat with your friends, or just send a simple email, you’re already good to go. Because he will teach you everything that he knows. Or you can even just download the scripts and templates that he included for this training program. These scripts are highly optimized for marketing, and he claims that you’ll get a higher chance of landing some clients and getting leads with these.

You don’t even need an office space, employees, inventory, or really any software or tools to make money with this program. And yet you can potentially earn a lot of money here. Because these businesses will pay you maybe $3,000 or more simply to compose some marketing emails for them. Clients will gladly pay you since it implies they’ll make more money as well. In fact, Ian himself claimed that he once composed an email for a meager 6 minutes, and he earned $6,500 from it. Sounds nice, right?

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Saturation is also not going to be a problem with building your own email marketing agency. Currently, there are an almost infinite amount of companies eager to pay you thousands of dollars every month to help them with their email marketing. All you’re putting at risk is your time, if you ask me. And all you need to do is to work on your negotiation skills and convince these clients that they need your email marketing expertise in order to boost their sales. Again, Ian Stanley also got you covered on this. As for the cost, it’s not directly mentioned. you have to first book a call to know more information about this.

My take on this? Ian Stanley seems to be rather legit. After all, government authorities would reveal a fraudster if he or she wrote books and was interviewed by well-known people, like what he did. Ian seems to know what he is doing, and it seems like he made a pretty good career out of email marketing. And I would agree with some points that Ian has pointed out. Email marketing is still very effective, after all. The fact that people can now check their emails a lot more easily is an advantage.

Thus, it isn’t that surprising that a lot of large and successful businesses still employ email marketing (though social media marketing still seems more prevalent). It is quite convenient to be getting marketing emails for products that you might be interested in, and reminds you when products go on sale. I definitely understand why Ian would earn that much just from composing marketing emails. After all, email lists are pretty easy to make, and people still subscribe to newsletters. It wouldn’t be hard to reach people who would be interested in purchasing products. And it all relies in one good email copy to get these customers interested into buying your offers.

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