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Arek and Brian Zabierek, commonly known as “The Zab Twins,” are well-known digital entrepreneurs, influences, and even business gurus. While they’re not major names, they have been featured in some online publications around. More importantly, they’re highly successful Amazon sellers, especially in Amazon FBA. And today, they’re offering a training program that enables them to teach others how they were able to achieve that level of success in the business model. In fact, they’ve claimed that they’ve helped 21 first-time Amazon sellers to make an average of $16,983 in just 36 days using something called “product clusters.” The question now is, will this also work for you?

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The Zab Twins claim that Amazon FBA is actually an easier business model than anyone thinks. The only reason that many fail in Amazon FBA, is that they always take shortcuts in the process. They just pick a product and throw up some not-so-well-thought-up listing and branding, and sit there, expecting that they’re going to make good sales with it. But that’s not really the case.

Brian explains more about their Amazon journey. “My twin brother Arek and I have been selling on Amazon for the past three years. We’ve made over a million dollars in revenue. And that’s just one of our stores. We have two more that we’re currently scaling to that level as well. Now, you probably think this requires a ton of time. But if I told you how little we actually worked on our Amazon business, you’d be shocked.”

Brian continues. “And remember, we don’t have any previous business experience and didn’t have a silver spoon in our mouth. We actually came from a poor family, and our parents, both being immigrants, came to Canada back in 1991 with no connections, no jobs, and plenty of uncertainty about what our future would actually look like. Growing up for us was pretty tough. But fast forward a little ways.”

Eventually my brother and I both started working corporate jobs. On the side, we were looking for ways to make money and get freedom. And what we realized was, if we wanted those things, it would be easier, faster, and safer to work in an existing business model than to create a brand new one for ourselves. So we looked at dropshipping, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and of course, we looked at Amazon. As you can probably guess, out of all of ’em, Amazon FBA came out the winner.”

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The Zab Twins claim that they liked Amazon FBA because it’s low-risk, you didn’t have to create your own product, you get to piggyback off one of the top companies in the world, and FBA’s a business that anybody can start. All you need is a computer, and an internet connection, and you’re good to go. Plus, Amazon alone accounts for half of all eCommerce sales, and that number’s only gonna get bigger moving forward. The opportunity’s always huge in this business. But have they never heard of saturation? Perhaps not.

The FBA Start-Up is a complete online course that basically teaches students everything that they need about starting their Amazon FBA business. As what you can expect from an online course, it contains plenty of modules covering various topics related to Amazon FBA. These include building a mindset necessary to start (and survive) in this business model, setting up your Amazon account (and others), choosing what products to sell (product research), where you can find suppliers for your products, shipping, and how to set up a good branding and listing for your products. Additionally, there are also modules for launching your brand, paid ads (Amazon PPC), and scaling your business.

You’ll also have the privilege to engage in weekly coaching calls with the Zab Twins themselves, where you can ask questions about the Amazon FBA business model. Joining the FBA Start-Up online course requires you to book a call with them first to see if you’re a perfect fit for their training. Hence, the price for it isn’t listed upfront. Expect it to cost a thousand dollars or more, though. Personally, I don’t see anything unique about this online course. Most likely you can rely on free lessons first to learn Amazon FBA before you decide on enrolling in this course. The Zab Twins may be legitimate Amazon FBA sellers, though, but there’s no indication that they got rich on the business model. Who knows? Maybe they became rich by selling courses like this…

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